Our mission: to cultivate life-giving relationships, communicate the value of theological education, and convey Fuller's resources to alumni and ministry leaders.

Here you can learn more about the Fuller team that is focused specifically on serving the needs of alumni and ministry leaders.

Below you will find contact information for ACR staff members as well as those serving on the Fuller alumni council.

Alumni & Church Relations Staff Contacts

Banner Staff Bert
Bert Jacklitch, Director of Alumni Relations
email: bert@fuller.edu
phone: 626-584-5506

Rob Bethke Banner 2015
Rob Bethke, Director of Communications for Alumni Engagement and Vocation Formation
email: robertbethke@fuller.edu
phone: 626-204-2023

Holly Earle 600
Holly Earle, Executive Assistant
email: hollyearle@fuller.edu
phone: 626-584-5498

ACR Staff - Jay Cook
Jay Cook, Data Specialist
email: jaycook@fuller.edu
phone: 626-584-5536

Alumni Council Contacts

Quinn Fox (MDiv '82, MAT '83)
email: quinn.fox@gmail.com
Bethesda, MD

Michael Halleen (DMin '80, MDiv '65)
email: mhalleen@mediacombb.net
Excelsior, MN

Anissa Hamlin (MDiv, '05)
email: anissa4@msn.com
Phoenix, AZ

Jason Hohnberger (MDiv, '09)
email: jasonhohnberger@msn.com
Fort Leavenworth

Kristin Huffman (MDiv '83, DMin '10) (Chair)
email: khuffman@mdpc.org
Houston, TX

John Lo (DMin '11, MDiv '87)
email: john@epicentrechurch.org
Pasadena, CA

Per Christian Lunde (MAICS '97) (Secretary)
email: perchrlunde@gmail.com
Oslo, Norway

Terry McGonigal (PhDTH '81, MDiv '77)
email: tmcgonigal@whitworth.edu
Spokane, WA

Janice Tsao (MAICS '03)
email: jtsaoisnow@gmail.com
Pasadena, CA

Michael Moore (MACCS '05)
email: michaeljeffreymoore@gmail.com
Atlanta, GA

Pam Moore (MAT '88)
email: pmoore@sc.younglife.org
Colorado Springs, CO

JR Rozko (MAT '06, DMiss '15)
email: jrrozko@gmail.com
Elgin, IL

Janice Tsao (MAICS '03)
email: jtsaoisnow@gmail.com
Pasadena, CA

Christopher Tweitmann (MDiv '04)
email: ctweitmann@graceHB.org
Westminster, CA

Patty Engert-Williamson (PhDPSY '02, MAT '01, MAPSY '98)
email: pengert114@hotmail.com
Pasadena, CA

Alumni Council Members

Christopher Tweitmann

Kristin Huffman

William Guice

Alum Council - Charlene Underhill-Miller
Charlene Underhill-Miller

Alum Council - Janice Tsao
Janice Tsao

Alum Council - John Lo
John Lo

Alum Council - Margharita Flores
Margarita Flores

Alum Council - Marilyn Batchelor
Marilyn Batchelor

Alum Council - Michael Haleen
Michael Halleen

Council - Hamlin
Anissa Hamlin

Alum Council - Patty Engert-Williamson
Patty Engert-Williamson

Alum Council - Per Christian Lunde
Per Christian Lunde

Alum Council - Quinn Fox
Quinn Fox

Alum Council - Rachel Goble
Rachel Goble

Alum Council - Terry McGonigal
Terry McGonigal

    (626) 584-5200
    (800) 235-2222
    135 N. Oakland Ave.
    Pasadena, CA 91182