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AlumNews March 2015


In what is perhaps the earliest portrait of Jesus’ crucifixion, a piece of Roman graffiti depicts a young man gesturing toward Jesus, pictured with a donkey’s head. Translated, the caption underneath reads, “Alexamenos worships God.”

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Alumni Council Corner: June 2014


Listening to Dr. Labberton’s charge to the graduating class at the 65th annual Fuller commencement in Pasadena brought back many fond memories and feelings of deep gratitude to be part of the Fuller community.

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AlumNews June 2014


As with all alums, we hope that they don't just leave Fuller in the past now that their courses are done, but rather that they allow us to journey with them into the next stages of their lives and ministries.

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AlumNews May 2014


This year’s Payton Lectures were delivered by Miroslav Volf, Fuller alum and former Fuller faculty member. Dr. Volf has authored numerous texts that have shifted the landscape of Christian theology, perhaps most notably Exclusion and Embrace, in which he explores the relationship between justice and forgiveness, nationality and faith

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AlumNews: March 2014


Athletes from 88 nations came to the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. Famous athletes know immediately if someone wants to benefit from them in some way. As a chaplain to these athletes, I was there to offer them something genuine: a message and reflection of Jesus’ unconditional love.

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Council Corner: March 2014


For School of Psychology alum Patty Engert-Williamson, joining the Alumni Council last fall was a family affair. Her husband and fellow School of Psychology alum Rick Williamson (PhDPSY '02, MAT '02, MAPSY '98) had just completed seven years of service on the council, including a year as chair.

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AlumNews: February 2014


About 20 years ago, says Charles Fleming (DMiss ’11, MAGL ’06), “My whole worldview turned upside down.” The denomination for which Charles worked, the Worldwide Church of God, was undergoing a sea change in its doctrine and practice—moving “from the fringe to the fold,”

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