Fuller Seminary Participates in City's "Real Change" Campaign to End Homelessness

Right -- William Huang -- Director of Housing for the City of Pasadena and initiator of the Real Change campaign. Left -- Jaylene Mosley -- Director of the Flintridge Foundation.
Jaylene Mosely and William Huang

With an estimated 55,000 homeless on any given night, Los Angeles County has the unfortunate moniker of "homeless capital of the U.S." Over the last two years, Los Angeles County has witnessed a 16 percent increase in homelessness.

Thankfully, the situation is measurably different in Pasadena, where the number of homeless has declined by 38 percent in the past two years. This improvement is due, in large part, to public and private partnerships (including Fuller Seminary and its Office for Urban Initiatives) which are working toward the common goal of eliminating homelessness in Pasadena.

Now, the City of Pasadena has launched "Real Change," a parking meter fundraising and education campaign, with the intention of ending homelessness in Pasadena. The City's installation of re-purposed parking meters, “donation stations,” will allow people to contribute their spare change or credit card donations in productive ways--to help support a dozen homeless service and prevention programs in the community.

The Flintridge Foundation in Pasadena, directed by Jaylene Mosely, is a key partner in the citywide campaign and will administer resources in support of local nonprofit organizations.

Fuller Seminary will have its own donation station/parking meter on campus. It will be situated in June in front of the School of Psychology Building on Oakland Avenue, and available to the entire Fuller community -- to donate money and help end homelessness.

"There are 'real changers' in Pasadena already," shared William Huang, Director of Housing for the City of Pasadena and initiator of the Real Change campaign. "Nonprofits and homeless service providers, the city -- but they need more people, more businesses and more individuals to be a part of this to end homelessness in Pasadena. This project is a step in creating that."

Here's a video about the "Real Change Movement" produced by Designmatters at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.

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