Fuller's Reel Spirituality Hosting Event in South Korea

Professors Robert Johnston and Cathy Barsotti will be presenting on March 3, 2014

ACR South Korea event with Reel Spirituality

Fuller Event in Korea
March 3, 2014

Featuring Robert Johnston and Catherine Barsotti in a Reel Spirituality Seminar

"Why Should the Church Welcome Movies?"

To view a version in Korean and registration page click here. 한국어 안내문을 보시려면 여기를 누르세요.

When: Monday, March 3, 2014, 13:20-18:10
Where: IVF Center near Hongik University station
Hosted by: Fuller Theological Seminary and IVP

Session 1. Finding God at the Movies (Rob Johnston)
Session 2. Using Film in the Church's Ministry: Practical Suggestions (Cathy Barsotti)
Session 3. Response from a Korean Perspective (Choi Eun)
Panel Discussion with Kukwon Shin, Rob Johnston, Cathy Barsotti, & Choi Eun

After dinner there will be movie screening prepared by Kim Jiwook

Robert Johnston is theology and culture professor at Fuller Theological Seminary. He has published many books including Reel Spirituality (Korean translation). His areas of expertise and research include theology and the arts, culture, movies, entertainment industry, novel, and play.

Catherine Barsotti has enjoyed weaving the two threads of economics and theology throughout her life. She has had diverse professional experiences in the business world and regularly teaches courses in the areas of theology, ethics, and spirituality. She also has been writing movie reviews for many years.

Choi Eun holds a doctoral degree in Movie Arts and has published Movie and Society andAn Invitation to Visual Culture. She has also been publishing movie reviews at Gospel and Context, a monthly magazine.

Kukwon Shin is theology and philosophy professor at Chongshin University. He has published Glasses of Nicodemus, A Theory of Public Culture for Transformation and Shalom, and About Culture.

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