Dr. Joel Green Discusses Science and Faith in The DREAMS Magazine

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Joel Green, Associate Dean for the Center for Advanced Theological Studies and Professor of New Testament Interpretation, has been featured in The DREAMS Magazine, in an article titled "Science & Faith--What's the Debate?"

In the article, authored by Cathie Lou Parker in the magazine's May 2014 issue, Dr. Green discusses why, in his view, science and faith are not at odds with each other. "[F]or us the present explosion of knowledge underscores God's majesty, the reach of God's hands at the same time that it puts humanity in its place," he says.

Dr. Green also calls for more open, civil dialogue on the subject: "[W]e need more conversation among scientists and theologians, including scientists who are themselves people of faith. We need more humility. And we need to listen to each other more, explore options together, and refuse to move so quickly to positions that oppose each other.”

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