Fuller Seminary Alumna Olga Lah's Art Installation

Olga Lah, an installation artist and Fuller Seminary alumna (MAT ’06), was recently featured on KCET’s Arts page. The coverage included photos of several of Lah’s pieces that have been exhibited across Southern California and as far away as Slovenia.

The KCET story highlighted the theological layers intrinsic to Lah’s work. “A very pivotal moment early in my art practice was learning about Karl Barth's idea of thaumazein, which is an ancient Greek term for 'wonder,' a wonder that pointed specifically to something higher,” Lah is quoted as saying. But her art found itself on the back-burner while caring for her ailing father: “I turned my back on art and I really thought, I must have a higher purpose, and it must be about something else. That's why I went to seminary.” After completing her degree, Lah audited classes from Fuller’s Brehm Center and found a convergence between her art and her religious life. Her art now acts as a means of processing and expressing the questions of faith, and she was recently honored with the distinguished Korea Arts Foundation of America (KAFA) Biennial Award.

Click here to read the whole story about Olga Lah and her work.

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