Fuller Seminary Systematic Theology Professor Quoted in Article on Whether Jesus Made Mistakes

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In connection to a recent snippet that Seattle's Mars Hill Church deleted from their video posting – of a sermon by pastor Mark Driscoll in which he claimed that Jesus never sinned, but did make mistakes – Christianity Today polled experts and found a range of opinions on the issue. Fuller Seminary's own Professor of Systematic Theology Oliver Crisp was interviewed.

"We can distinguish between mistakes and sins. Suppose I write about Jane Austin on social media. My friend corrects me: 'It's Austen, not Austin.' I made a mistake, yet no sin was committed, surely. However, sin involves a mistake of some sort—failing to meet the mark. Jesus could not sin, because God cannot sin, and he is God incarnate (Hab. 1:13; Heb. 4:15). His divine nature is perfect, and a perfect being cannot make mistakes. So Christ the God-man could not make mistakes."

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