Sitting at the SXSW Table

Brehm Center's Nate Risdon wrote this piece featured in Q Ideas explaining Fuller's new SXSW immersion course

Brehm Center at SXSW 2014

Brehm Center Associate Director Nate Risdon wrote this piece featured in Q Ideas explaining why Fuller Seminary has chosen to host a new immersion course at the annual South by Southwest Festival held in Austin, Texas.

Risdon writes: "In one of my early courses at Fuller, my professor asked us to read through the Gospel of Luke through a particular lens: how often and with did whom Jesus share a meal around the table?

It was rather striking. He ate with all types-tax collectors, Pharisees, prostitutes, his own disciples. Amongst the swirl of humanity in all of its glory and messiness, Jesus sat, listened, laughed, ate, and told his own stories, taking part in one of the most intimate acts in that society, apart from sharing a bed.

This narrative from Luke is why we accepted the challenge to be present and to bring students to an event like the South by Southwest Festival. If we consider what Jesus did when he visited someone's house for a meal, we can see a framework to follow."

Go here to read the whole piece.

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