Still reaching, more than 1,000 join in Spokane's MLK Jr. Day march

Dr. Carolyn Gordon was featured in this article in The Spokesman-Review

Carolyn Gordon
"Like a spirited Southern preacher, the Rev. Carolyn Gordon needed 15 minutes of powerful, persuasive language to convert her audience of more than 1,000 into an army of believers in social change.

A Baptist minister and associate professor of communication at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, Calif., Gordon spent her first trip to Spokane celebrating the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.

Though she's made numerous public addresses in recent years, Gordon said she had never been asked to be a keynote speaker on the federal holiday.

Based on what happened in Spokane during her visit, it won't be her last time: Her address set the tone for Monday's downtown King events, held inside the Spokane Convention Center."

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