Justin Barrett Featured in Slate Magazine

Justin Barrett

Professor of Psychology Justin L. Barrett was recently featured on Writing about the Fuller-hosted Science of Intellectual Humility conference, Dr. Barrett reflects on findings that tie internet usage and generalized higher education to intellectual arrogance. Research has found a direct correlation between surface level knowledge of a subject—gained via searches and tutorials on the internet or a standard bachelor’s degree—and a tendency to intellectually demean others or overestimate one’s own knowledge, even of concepts that one hasn’t studied.

“It appears that the ways in which we gather information and educate ourselves can cause us to be intellectually arrogant and, ultimately, uncivil towards others,” Barrett says. But the converse is also reflected in the data; when someone becomes an expert, intellectual arrogance decreases. “It seems that when people know a lot about a topic—much more than what is typically acquired in a bachelor’s level college education—they then know enough to know what they don’t know.”

See Dr. Barrett’s full article here.

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