Fuller's Windrider Forum at Sundance Film Festival Featured in Deseret News


Each year Fuller faculty and students travel to the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah as part of an immersion course to discuss the nexus of faith and film. The students spend a full week engaging theologically with one of our culture’s primary shaping forces: the movies.

The most recent Sundance course—part of what is called the Windrider Forum—was featured in a Deseret News article by Allison Pond, “Why This Group of Christians Comes to the Sundance Film Festival Every Year.” The article details the kinds of panel discussions that take place at the Windrider Forum, where students, faculty, and filmmakers gather not to criticize representations of religion in the films they view, but to listen.

“If you can stop and listen and assume that the other—the film—has something valuable to say and can teach us something, the way I understand it theologically is that is in fact the voice of God,” Kutter Callaway, assistant professor of theology, says in the article.

For 14 years, students and faculty have been coming to the Windrider Forum at Sundance to view movies, meet with film producers and directors, and discuss the films' implications for a Christian context. Other seminaries and individual students have joined in recent years, and this forum drew 250 participants from around the country.

Read the full Deseret News article here.

To learn more about the Sundance course and other Fuller immersion courses, visit here.

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