Fuller Online and Fuller Live Coordinator

  • Date Posted:   2014-06-17
  • Department:   Academic Programs
  • FT/PT/Temp:   Full Time
  • Exempt Status:   N/A
  • Hours:   40 per week
  • Reports To:   Director of Academic Planning


Position Type

Full Time


The Fuller Online (FOL) and Fuller Live (FL) Coordinator is the staff member in the Academic Programs Office (APO) who supports Fuller’s expansion to offering four primarily online degrees - MAICS, MAT, MATM, and MDiv. The Coordinator will work alongside the Deans and Division/Department Chairs to recruit new faculty needed to support this expansion and coordinate their online training; schedule the new hybrid+ courses that provide residency for these degrees, including orientation of faculty regarding special nature of these courses; schedule the remaining online courses needed for students to complete the four degrees; manage the academic approval process for online courses; process the quarterly online ECDs; handle compensation of online faculty and management of the FOL budget; and manage the Fuller Live program.

Essential Functions

Online Faculty Recruitment

  • Continually analyze Fuller’s online faculty resources and notify the Director of Academic Planning of curricular areas where affiliates and adjuncts are needed
  • As prospective faculty are located, correspond with them to provide general information about Fuller’s online program; register them for the Moodle training
  • Coordinate and compensate faculty for completing the mandatory faculty Moodle training
FOL Academic Scheduling
  • Maintain FOL rotation of courses that ensures MAICS, MAT, MATM, and MDiv courses are scheduled so students may complete degrees in a timely fashion
  • Carry rotation over to the annual FOL scheduling and budgeting template
  • Maintain accurate list of FOL courses listed on the Pasadena scheduling templates
  • Analyze past enrollment trends for FOL courses to recommend the appropriate number of sections needed for each FOL course
  • Maintain list of new student promise courses and ensure they are scheduled appropriately
  • With input from the Assistant Director of Academic Planning, schedule courses needed for the Area of Emphasis
  • Enter FOL schedule information into iCare and prepare invitation letters for Director of Academic Planning
  • Update scheduling templates as faculty respond to the invitation to teach
  • Handle data-entry of FOL courses into Banner and proofread tally prior to release for schedule production and posting
  • Proofread the FOL schedules before the schedule goes live on the web
  • Submit FOL schedule changes to Registrar’s Office and ensure accurate tally and web schedule are maintained
Hybrid+ Residential Courses
  • Maintain hybrid+ course rotation
  • Carry hybrid+ course rotation into the Pasadena and Regional Campus scheduling templates
  • In coordination with the Regional Campus scheduler, invite faculty to teach hybrid+ courses, including orientation to the extra duties required with these courses
  • Process hybrid+ stipends for faculty on all Fuller campuses
Fuller Live Courses
  • Schedule Fuller Live courses for the Partnership with Peachtree
  • Communicate Fuller Live schedule to appropriate technical staff by maintaining the Fuller Live Google doc
  • Hire Fuller Live facilitators and approve their timecards
  • Project Fuller Live budget for upcoming year
  • Reimburse faculty for Fuller Live expenses
  • Process Fuller Live bonuses
  • Monitor Fuller Live budget on a monthly basis
  • Participate in Fuller Live meetings as invited
Academic Approval Process
  • After an adjunct or affiliate has agreed to teach a FOL or hybrid+ course, verify whether they are teaching a course that is new to them. If yes, contact them to acquaint them with APO’s New Course website and request they draft an ECD to be used in the approval process; track which ECDs come in; solicit the stragglers; review ECD to ensure it follows Fuller’s prescribed format and is complete
  • Submit ECD draft to Department Chair, coordinate communication of changes back to adjunct or affiliate as needed until such time as the ECD is finalized
  • Submit ECD to APO personnel responsible for compiling approval checklists
  • Handle follow-up on FOL or hybrid+ courses after the Division meetings
  • Send finalized copy of ECD to faculty for their use
  • Maintain FOL and hybrid+ ECD storage on shared drive
Budget Management
  • Project FOL course budget for upcoming year, including hybrid+ courses; monitor FOL budget throughout the year
  • Produce quarterly FOL contracts (averages 40-50 per quarter); distribute contracts; track who has signed and returned contracts and follow-up with those who do not until 100% are received back
  • Prepare Authorization to Pay forms for each FOL faculty teaching each quarter
  • Liaison between HR and FOL affiliates and adjuncts on any of the above paperwork as needed

Secondary Functions

  • Participate as a team member on the Academic Programs Office team
  • Gather data and produce for reports as needed
  • Update Fuller Online enrollment history


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent required
  • At least three years of customer service required; customer service in academic setting preferred
  • Commitment to the office core values: service, team work, humility, respect, integrity
  • A team player with friendly, diplomatic people skills and the ability to problem solve
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office and Google Docs
  • Knowledge of, or ability to be trained in FileMaker Pro, PowerPoint, and Moodle
  • Ability to learn quickly, analyze data, be attentive to detail
  • Ability to manage a large volume of multiple projects
  • Take initiative and follow through to completion of tasks
  • Must be able to lift/carry at least 25 pounds

(626) 584-5200
(800) 235-2222
135 N. Oakland Ave.
Pasadena, CA 91182