Alumni Reflections: Youth, Family, and Culture

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Ray Donatucci (DMin '08; MDiv '90)

YFC-Donatucci-Small"Since graduating with my DMin from Fuller I cannot do my ministry with Young Life as a divisional training coordinator without the Fuller professors' voices in my head," says alumni Ray Donatucci. "Concepts like Adoption, Individuation, Incarnational Witness, the World Beneath, and Sitting on the Front Steps of a kid's world keep echoing in my head." As a trainer of Young Life staff, Ray recognizes the value in his Fuller education. He now strives to help people understand the wisdom and value of understanding the Christian heritage while being conversant in the culture that influences the lives of youth. About his personal journey in engaging this process, he reflects, "I find myself being more ready to observe than to speak, more ready to listen than to tell, and more open to the ways teenagers are doing their best to survive." Yet the challenge does not stop Ray from giving his best efforts.

David Doong (MDiv '08)

YFC-Doong-SmallAfter graduating from Fuller in 2008, David joined Ambassador for Christ, a campus ministry organization focusing on reaching out to Chinese graduate students in America. His initial involvement in Chinese-student campus ministry extended through a year at University of Southern California (USC) and Pasadena City College (PCC), after which he served as a full-time youth and young adult pastor at Evangelical Formosan Church of L.A., a Chinese immigrant church located in Los Angeles, CA. Here, he ministered to young immigrants and received his ordination in 2011.

Prior to his ordination, David returned to Fuller in 2010 to pursue PhD studies in theology, concentrating on practical theology. According to David, he returned to Fuller with "a zeal to integrate my ministry with sound theology and a passion to serve today's youth and young adults." He continued to serve full time at his church during his doctoral studies. David continues to be involved with mission work in Asia, seeking to equip students and young adults there.

Tim Galleher (MDiv '88)

YFC-Galleher-SmallA 1988 Fuller graduate from the MDiv program, Tim currently serves as associate pastor of Youth and Family Ministries at Saratoga Federated Church. He has worked with students and parents for over thirty years in the local church and in parachurch organizations, including Young Life and the YMCA. "I have a passion for bringing churches together and meeting the needs of students and parents," says Tim, reflecting on his ministry. He continues, "I have enjoyed the opportunity to equip and teach parents, especially helping parents to get ready to have a teenager."

Tim has maintained a strong connection to Fuller. He has been part of the FYI Sticky Faith Cohort and the FYI research team. Time continues to speak in different churches about Sticky Faith and to work with his congregation to foster life-long faith in their youth. He currently resides in Saratoga with his wife, Cara, and their three children, ages 20, 17, and 15.

Megan Hutchinson (MACL-YM '98)

YFC-Hutchinson-Small1998 was quite a year for Megan Hutchinson, who graduated from Fuller, got married and became . . . a waitress! Clearly, this was not what she expected. But through waiting, prayer, and persistence, she landed in three roles she didn't expect: that of a national speaker and author, a youth pastor, and eventually, a mom of two incredible (energetic!) boys. Her work as youth pastor had her in several churches, including Saddleback Church, where she co-authored a book and led a ministry for hurting teens called Life Hurts, God Heals. Today, that ministry has spread to 7,000 churches. Megan is also on the advisory board for Fuller's well-known national movement called Sticky Faith, in which she also serves as a national speaker.

Reflecting on her preparation at Fuller, Megan writes, "Fuller changed my life by giving me a well-rooted theological and psychological foundation which I use every day of my life. It has also granted me credibility to reach and preach beyond boarders and boundaries I otherwise would have come up against."

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