As a student who lives far away from any one of Fuller’s eight campuses, you may find Fuller’s Hybrid Plus “Hybrid+” course option a feasible way to complete your residency requirement. Hybrid+ courses start and end as online courses, but they include a one-week face-to-face component at one of Fuller’s campuses. Hybrid+ courses are a combination of two hybrid courses held concurrently so you can earn 8 units of residency in a single week when you complete both courses.

In addition to class time, the format will include lunch each day with students and faculty, as well as evening sessions offering prayer, worship, and discussion. These faculty-led discussions are designed to offer online students an opportunity for spiritual and community formation.

Hybrid+ Courses

Course Combinations

Course 1: CH504 Modern Church History
Course 2: FS510 Human Development in Context

Course 1: NT500 New Testament Introduction
Course 2: SP500 Spiritual Traditions and Practices

Course 1: ET501 Christian Ethics
Course 2: MC500 Church and Mission in Global Contexts

Next Offering by Combination:

Combination Term Location
NT500/SP500 Spring 2014 Houston, TX
ET501/MC500 Summer 2014 Pasadena, CA

Select a Campus

Pasadena (Pasadena, CA)

California Coast (Irvine, CA)

Texas (Houston, TX)