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Certificate Description

24 Quarter Units

Certificate-in-Church-Planting-student-discussion-Fuller-Theological-SeminaryFuller’s new, two-year Certificate in Church Planting provides students with (1) a deeper theological understanding of the issues involved in church planting, (2) a broader perspective and exposure to the resources, models, and strategies available for church planting, and (3) a focus on the spiritual formation of the planter that serves as the center and foundation of their mission and ministry.

The six-course program is structured so that students can remain in their church planting ministries while they study. Certificate classes will be taught primarily online by faculty members and practitioners who can provide support and mentorship through the duration of the program. For students who wish to later expand their study, courses from the certificate program can be credited toward a master's degree program in Fuller’s Schools of Theology or Intercultural Studies.*

If you are currently engaged in or sense a strong calling to church planting and seek a deeper theological and practical foundation for your work, this certificate program is ideal for you.

*For more information on using the Certificate in Church Planting as a foundation for a master's degree, prospective students may contact the Office of Admissions to speak with an admissions counselor, and current students may consult with their academic advisor.


  • Online Courses: The entire certificate can be done online with an optional 1 week intensive course on campus (Start and Multiply Churches).
  • Spiritual and Character Formation Emphasis: This is the backbone of the program. From the first class, students develop spiritual practices that will be central to their life as church planters.
  • Action-Reflection Program: Students remain in their church planting ministries as they work on their certificate, reflecting upon and applying what they are learning in real time.

Curriculum (24 units)

Core Courses

The Touchstone Course - IS500

This is a foundational course that will help you focus on your calling and spiritual formation as a church planter.

New Testament Introduction - NT500

This class will provide a biblical foundation for church planting by orienting you to the literature of the New Testament in its various literary, historical, and theological contexts and to New Testament interpretation with a particular emphasis on texts relevant to church planting.

The Practice of Mission - IS503

This is a core integration requirement at Fuller uniquely modified for this certificate program to teach you missiological principles and provide missiological tools to start missional churches.

Social Analysis and Contextualization - MB533

This course will teach you how to exegete the culture and context of a church plant to help develop churches that are relevant and transformative.

Choose 2 out of 3

Evangelism and Church Planting - MC538

In this course you will explore practical tools for evangelism to help you reach your local community.

Missional Churches and Leadership - PM514

This course is designed to help you create a culture of missional living and transformational leadership in the process of church planting.

Start and Multiply Churches – MC525 (1 week intensive)

This course will you give you practical instructions to help prepare and launch a new church utilizing various models, methods, and strategies.


Questions? Please contact us at churchplanting@fuller.edu.

Further Opportunities

If you're interested in a degree in church planting, checkout the new master's degree emphasis in church planting.

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