Certificate of Christian Studies

The Certificate of Christian Studies offers students an opportunity to complete a focused course of study or a sampling of master's-level courses from the School of Intercultural Studies. It is an ideal program for practitioners who would like to take a few courses in the School of Intercultural Studies to supplement their ministries. It requires the successful completion of 24 quarter units. By enrolling in convenient daytime, evening, or Distributed Learning courses, students pursuing the certificate can gain an introduction to missiological, theological, and biblical basics at the graduate level.

Students can focus on either a specific curriculum or a sampling of courses to match their personal interests and goals. Since certificate courses may be applied to master's level degree programs, students can utilize their course flexibility to explore the possibility of a School of Intercultural Studies master's degree.

Area of Focus

The Certificate of Christian Studies requires the completion of 24 units. Of the 24 units, 16 units are required to be courses from the School of Intercultural Studies. A certificate may be awarded as a general certificate or with a particular focus. A minimum of four courses earned within a designate discipline are required for a certificate to be awarded with a focus. Students may choose one of the below areas of emphasis as a focus with courses form the School of Intercultural Studies:

Children at Risk

International Development and Urban Studies

Islamic Studies


Learning Outcomes

  • Certificate recipients will gain knowledge of missiological insights in an area of the recipient's interest and goals.
  • Certificate recipients will demonstrate critical thinking and integration skills in missiological and/or theological studies.
  • Certificate recipients will gain missiological training to strengthen their ministry skills and for the integration of their personal faith into their daily lives.

Recipients of Fuller's Certificate of Christian Studies program in the School of Intercultural Studies are equipped for enhanced ministries as missionaries, church leaders, incarnational disciple in their communities and abroad, and professionals in the marketplace. They are also well-prepared to support others in ministry, both theologically and practically.


Focus Area (16 units)

Choose any four 4-unit courses from the School of Intercultural Studies

General Electives (8 units)

Choose any two 4-unit courses from the School of Intercultural Studies, School of Psychology, or School of Theology.

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