Guy Higashi

As a Christian leader and Executive Vice President of Pacific Rim Bible College deeply involved in 'local' ministry, the Fuller DMiss format of two week intensive with face-to-face studies with our focused cohort permits me to still remain active in Hawaii, and use the benefit of technology like web access, email, etc to collaboratively critique and encourage one another's research in context. Furthermore, this multicultural cohort provides a rich hue of perspectives which enhance the projects' praxis and enlarge our worldview.

The purpose of my research is to understand how the ukulele functions in Hawaii through ukulele events in relationship to the people in Hawaii, to express their individual identity and yet foster community. The goal in this research project is to discover what is happening when people gather to perform at ukulele centered events by examining how the ukulele functioned during events in the past and present, and identifying the possibility for expressing our individual identity and yet build unity through music and ultimately with implications for its use in the Hawaii Foursquare Church.

I hope that my research will show that the people find the ukulele an accessible instrument to play, sing, and perform with. Ukulele event gatherings enable multi-ethnic people in Hawaii to sing about songs that express their cultural individuality while celebrating their Christian unity. I hope to develop guidelines for the appropriate use of ukulele performance events in the Hawaii Foursquare Church that celebrates our cultural identity and our shared Christian faith.

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