Peter Swann

For two years, my wife and I were missionaries in a mud hut in southern Sudan. Although I had grown up in Africa, it was far removed from this world virtually void of electricity, running water, or infrastructure. While there I led an oral Bible school while my wife taught in the primary school and used her nursing skills in the local mud clinic. It was an amazing time there, yet we had so many unanswered questions about how to best engage in effective ministry in the bush of southern Sudan.

In 2006, I was privileged to become the Executive Director of Aid Sudan, a nonprofit missionary organization based in Houston, TX. Aid Sudan ministers to southern Sudanese in the U.S. and in southern Sudan, focusing on the spread of the gospel and community development. Although we now live in Houston, I still travel to southern Sudan three times a year, overseeing missionaries and projects there.

After coming to the States, the Lord began to speak to me about pursuing a doctorate in missions. I hoped this would help address some of our unanswered questions. After much research I ended where I began - with Fuller's Doctor of Missiology program. I was drawn to it because of the quality of professors, the nonresidential setup, and the cohort format. Now in my second year, I can testify to the strength of these components. The professors have strongly challenged me, the cohort format has allowed us to learn in community, and the nonresidential setup has enabled us to take what we learn and immediately introduce it into our ministries. This program has already impacted my ministry and personal walk with the Lord in powerful ways, far beyond what I had ever even hoped. I am deeply grateful to see that impact - from Pasadena to Houston to the bush of Southern Sudan!

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