SAMPLE ECD (Expanded Course Description)


MA in Global Leadership Cohort Online Class

DESCRIPTION: This course begins with a definition of missional leadership as the transformation of people and communities/institutions to participate, through meaningful relations and in the power of the Spirit, in missio Dei. The significance of transformative spirituality for missional leadership is explored. The nature, identity and purpose of the people of God as a community embedded in a Trinitarian ecclesiology should reclaim mission as a transformative spirituality both locally and globally. This course assists leaders in the development of a missional ecclesiology and a framework of transformative spirituality in order to lead their congregation/organization into well-informed practices and enhanced capacities for redemptive transformation and engagement.

LEARNING OUTCOMES: Upon the successful completion of the course, students will have:

1.     Gained a theological/spiritual perspective on the issues of Christian mission, Trinitarian ecclesiology and missional leadership

2.     Gained understanding of ecclesiology and missiology from both historical and contemporary perspectives

3.     Discerned and assessed their own congregation’s/organization’s missional spirituality, ecclesial identity and mission paradigm

4.     Assessed the current praxis of the people of faith and considered future steps for a holistic dialogue/engagement with people of other faiths and creation care.

Developed a leadership strategy, including theological, missiological and praxeological dimensions for personal and communal missional transformation.

COURSE FORMAT: The class will be conducted on the Internet using a 10-week lesson program aligned with Fuller’s academic calendar. Each week students and the instructor will interact with the material through journaling and threaded discussions. The sessions include a time of spiritual formation as well as inputs on key concepts, reading and other assignments that promote active peer learning. There will also be virtual small group activities to interactively reflect and plan implementation of concepts.

SAMPLE: Do not order books from this ECD. Check the link to the course in the appropriate quarter for your cohort via the Registrar's Course Schedule.

REQUIRED READING:  Approximately 1,100 pages (65 hours) from the following materials.

  • Muck, Terry and Frances Adeney. Christianity Encountering World Religions: The Practice of Mission in the Twenty-first Century. Grand Rapids: Baker Academic. 2009. ISBN 978-0-8010-2660-7. Pub. Price: $30. Kindle Edition: $16.50. (~250 pages assigned)
  • Seamands, Stephen. Ministry in the Image of God: TheTrinitarian Shape of Christian Service. Downers Grove: InterVarsity Press. 2005. ISBN 978-0-8308-3338-2. Pub. Price: $13. Kindle: $10 (180 pages)
  • Sunquist, Scott W. Understanding Christian Mission: Participation in Suffering and Glory. Grand Rapids: Baker Academic. 2013. ISBN 978-1-4412-4214-2. Pub. Price: $27. Kindle Edition: $19. (~250 pages)
  • Zscheile, Dwight J. The Agile Church: Spirit-Led Innovation in an Uncertain Age. New York: Morehouse Publishing. 2014. ISBN-13: 978-0-8192-2977-9. Pub. Price: $14. Kindle Edition: $10. (~160 pages)

Supplemental reading packet in the Moodle course shell; eReserves include required and recommended readings. (260 pages assigned)


  1. View course MP3/MP4 lectures and other course documents. LO’s 1, 2 and 3 [20 hours].
    1. Weekly forum discussions (10%) (1 hours/week=10 hours) LO’s 1, 3, 4 and 5.
    2. Journaling (10%) (1 hour/week= 10 hours) LO’s 1, 2, and 3.
    3. Peer interaction (10%) (10 hours) LO’s 3, 4 and 5.
    4. Four reading reports (10%) (10 hours) LO’s 1, 2, 4 and 5.
    5. 6000 word Final Paper (25 pages) (40%) (40 hours) LO’s 3,4 and 5

    PREREQUISITES: This course is only available to those who are accepted into the MA in Global Leadership.

    RELATIONSHIP TO CURRICULUM: A required course for the Cohort portion of the MA in Global Leadership. NO AUDITORS.


    NOTE: This ECD is a reliable guide to the course design but is subject to modification. Textbook prices are set by publishers and are subject to change.

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