Global Leadership

The School of Intercultural Studies (SIS) seeks to train and equip mission leaders in context to evaluate critically and respond effectively to global realities of the twenty-first century. The primary purpose of SIS Global Leadership is to enable leaders to maximize their leadership potential by integrating missiological theory into missional praxis. Students in these programs will interact with a broad base of core missiological literature in order to engage the relevant issues in their ministry contexts. As a result, leaders are able to have direct and practical impact on the life and ministry of their organizations.

Master of Arts in Global Leadership

The Master of Arts in Global Leadership (MAGL) allows men and women, who have at least four years of leadership experience and are actively engaged in a significant leadership role in a church or parachurch organization, to stay fully engaged in their ministries while studying mainly online.

Doctor of Missiology

The Doctor of Missiology (DMiss) is the highest level of professional certification in missiology. In this program, key leaders will continue their ministries in context while attending a local cohort-based class and interacting with visiting School of Intercultural Studies faculty on-site.

Doctor of Ministry in Global Ministry

The School of Intercultural Studies' Korean Studies' Program provides three degrees taught in Korean language: Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies (MAICS), Master of Theology in Missiology (ThM), and Doctor of Ministry in Global Ministry (DMin). There are approximately 250 active students in the degree programs. Students come from 34 countries around the world, speaking 32 languages. Our students are comprised of missionaries, mission organization leaders, local church pastors, lay leaders in mission, and professional tent-makers.

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