Integration of Psychology and Theology

Welcome to the integration website. We hope to give you an idea of what integration means in Fuller’s School of Psychology and provide you with some resources for integration of theology and psychology.

The School of Psychology was established more than 40 years ago so that students could obtain a rigorous psychological and theological program of studies. The integration of these two disciplines was to be and is our unique contribution. The faculty are committed to encouraging and facilitating the conversation between faith and psychological issues.

Greetings from the Chair of Integration, Brad Strawn

Integration in the School of Psychology

Every February the School of Psychology hosts a lecture series featuring a nationally recognized scholar who focuses on a single integrative issue.

  • In 2001, Dr. Stephen Post presented on the topic of aging and dementia.
  • In 2002, Dr. Nancy Boyd-Franklin, a nationally known family psychologist from Rutgers University, focused on spirituality in the treatment of African American families.
  • In 2003, Dr. Nancey Murphy was our featured speaker. Dr. Murphy is known internationally for her writing in the area of theology and science. She presented three addresses which focus on new directions in integrative research.
  • In 2004, our featured speaker was Dr. Ann Ulanov and her focus was on what Evangelicals can learn from Jung.
  • Fuller's own Dr. Warren Brown led the 2005 symposium on the topic: Science, Faith, and Human Nature: Reconciling Neuropsychology and Christian Theology.
  • In 2006 the school of Psychology celebrated its 40th anniversary and invited a variety of our own graduates to speak on community and psychology.
  • Dr. Ellen Charry from Princeton Seminary lectured in 2007 on reviving Christian psychology.
  • The focus of the 2008 symposium was the role of religion in therapy with the topic addressed by several nationally known psychologists and theologians.
  • Dr. Kelly O'Donnell focused in 2009 on practicing psychology in mission and aid settings.
  • In 2010, we have heard John Fantuzzo, Charles Howard, and Pilar Cruz-Ramos lecture on "Psychology Of, With and For the Poor."
  • Stanley Hauerwas joined us in 2011 with "Reflections on God and Mental Illness".
  • The 2012 Integration Symposium, "From Science to Service in Schizophrenia: Within Our Reach or Beyond Our Grasp?" had several keynote speakers and breakout sessions, as well as an art show and research poster session, to reach out to the community and teach clinicians and caretakers how to work with those suffering with Schizophrenia.
  • Our 2013 Integration Symposium featured Dr. Marie Hoffman, who spoke on religion and psychotherapy in a lectureship entitled, "Speak to Me, That I May Hear".
  • Most recently, Dr. Richard Beck joined us for the 2014 School of Psychology 50th Anniversary Celebration with keynote addresses on the topic of "A Time to Live and a Time to Die: The Slavery of Death," and "The One Who Loves Moves from Death to Life."

International Integration Opportunities

One of the exciting opportunities in the School of Psychology is the practical integration of taking your training and experiences at Fuller and pressing you to apply them overseas. Many of our students are interested in the application of psychology to God's purposes in the world. Currently the School of Psychology has developed relationships in South America, Asia and China. Students go for international intensives, to help teach and train pastors and psychologists, and learn how to contextualize psychology to different cultures and paradigms. Below are the three main thrusts of our international efforts.

Integration Resources

The Integration Library

The Integration Library is a special collection of books dedicated to the relationship between psychology and theology. The library is located in the north wing, on the first floor of the David Allen Hubbard Library. This is a space for students to study, research, or just to contemplate.

Contact Information

(626) 584-5618

Hours: Monday - Saturday: 9am - 11 pm

Computer Use: The Integration Library computers are available for student use and are accessible to be used to search for full text psychological and religious articles; use of statistical programs, and printing.

Resources for Research and Information

David Allan Hubbard Library
Electronic Resources and Databases
Theological Schools of North America Index


Faculty and students in the School of Psychology are engaged in ongoing research and writing projects. In an effort to provide you with the flavor of our research, we are posting an array of publications by and about our faculty and students.

Integrative publications in Fuller Focus

Integrative publications by Fuller Faculty

Papers by Travis Scholarship Awardees

Papers by Sorenson Scholarship Awardees

Publications by the Chair of Integration


Randall Lehmann Sorenson Scholarship

This scholarship honors Fuller School of Psychology graduate, Randall Lehmann Sorenson (1954-2005) who modeled for the evangelical community creative integration of faith convictions and psychological practice. This scholarship will be awarded to the student submitting the best essay written on the integration theology and psychology. The awardee will be selected by the integration committee. The awardee will be announced at the student's graduation banquet. The student will need to be present to receive the award and in order to give a summary of the essay. The scholarship amount is $350.

Dr. Randall Lehmann Sorenson, 51, Rosemead Professor of Psychology and licensed psychologist, died Friday morning, January 21, 2005. Randy was a brilliant scholar and clinician, a much loved colleague, teacher, and mentor, a devoted husband and father, and a faithful Christian. Randy had been an annually contracted, part-time faculty member in Rosemead for 13 years and served as a clinical supervisor in the Biola Counseling Center for 8 years prior. So Randy had been an integral part of the Rosemead graduate training program for over 20 years. Due to his part-time appointment, Randy may not be known by very many within the wider Biola community; however, he presented a very strong voice for integration of faith and field across the psychological scholarly community.

Randy held both a PhD in clinical psychology from Fuller and a PsyD in psychoanalysis from the Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis. Besides his faculty position at Rosemead, Randy also taught for the Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis and carried a thriving private practice through Doulos, Inc. His vita includes over 35 publications in journals such as Psychotherapy, Psychoanalytic Dialogues, Journal of Psychology and Christianity, Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, and Journal of Psychology and Theology; about 50 scholarly presentations at conferences of the American Psychological Association and the Christian Association for Psychological Studies, as well as invited speaking engagements across the country. Randy's most recent book, Minding Spirituality, was published in 2004 by the Analytic Press.

Randy's instruction and mentorship were eagerly sought by Rosemead graduate students. He engaged both mind and heart and extended students' work into the scholarly arena via co-authorship in both publications and conference presentations. Randy's commitment to Christ and to excellent scholarship in glory to God resonated throughout his interactions with us and with many others in the psychological community. His warm and engaging personality in classes as well as within the faculty will be sorely missed. (From

Papers awarded the Sorenson Scholarship

The authors of the following papers were given the Sorenson award for excellence in integrative work. To contact the author or to see a copy of the text, follow the links below.






  • Martin Hsia, (Contact author for copy) Dím Sūm: "ABC" Integration of Christianity and Psychology


Integration Symposium

Fuller Symposium on the Integration of Psychology and Theology, better known as the Integration Symposium, is an annual lectureship hosted by the School of Psychology featuring a nationally recognized scholar who focuses on a single integrative issue. Topics have ranged from aging and dementia to what evangelicals can learn from Jung. The symposium is an academic gathering place in which integration can be tackled on an intellectual level. Students are given the opportunity to learn from scholars in many fields concerning the various intersections of theology and psychology.

For more information about the symposium, please contact:

Christine Tzeng, Travis Research Institute Administrative Assistant
Fuller Graduate School of Psychology
Phone: 626-584-5542

Dr. Brad Strawn
The Evelyn and Frank Freed Professor
of the Integration of Psychology and Theology
Fuller Graduate School of Psychology
Phone: 626-584-5330