Master of Divinity

Master of Divinity (MDiv) - Degree Outline:

Biblical Languages20  units
3 coursesBeginning Greek
2 coursesBeginning Hebrew
Biblical Studies32  units
2 coursesOld Testament Survey and Old Testament Exegesis
NS500New Testament 1: Gospels and Acts
NS501New Testament 2: Romans-Revelation
NE502Exegetical Method and Practice
1 courseNew Testament Theology
1 courseNew Testament Exegesis
Theological Studies32  units
3 coursesChurch History
3 coursesSystematic Theology
1 coursePhilosophy
1 courseChristian Ethics
Ministry32  units
1 courseFoundational Ministry
3 coursesPreaching and Communications (8 units)
1 courseEvangelism
1 courseChristian Formation and Discipleship
1 coursePastoral Counseling
1 coursePastoral Ministry
1 courseMissions
Internship4  units
Electives (area of emphasis, if desired)24  units