We asked students, alumni, faculty, and staff of our regional campuses to offer us reflections on this Advent season. Below are their writings, one to be released each day. The meditations are accompanied by images photographed by Fuller alumnus and staff member Matt Lumpkin.

Lumpkin - branch shadows

Advent and Arapahoe High School


When a shooter went on a rampage at her daughter’s high school, Nycki Heisler of Fuller Colorado couldn’t be with her little girl. But she knew God was.

Lumpkin - rocks

Well Worth the Wait


Fuller Colorado alum Isam Itson compares the anticipation of a surprise Christmas gift to the anticipation we feel as we await Christ’s return.

Lumpkin - mall

Stripping Away the Clutter


In a season when she is facing loss and uncertainty, Fuller Southwest Advisory Board member Charlotte Christian is learning what it means to “be still and know that I am God.”

Lumpkin - stormy sky

How Long?


At Christmas we rejoice but also must remember that the battle is not over yet, says California Coast professor Dennis Okholm. Still we wait.

Lumpkin - ornament

Awesome Power in Powerlessness


Fuller Texas Director Michael Murray ponders the astonishing choice of an all-powerful God to come to us as a helpless baby, and how this might affect our own choices.

lumpkin keyboard day15

A Wonder-Filled Disruption


Jennifer Hill, of Fuller Northwest, saw the power of music transform a dreaded church service into an experience she didn’t want to end.

Lumpkin - bench

Choosing Vulnerability


Wendy Lehnertz of Fuller Southwest reflects on the model of vulnerability Jesus offers us through his humble birth.

Lumpkin - restaurant table

The Messiness of Christmas


The tidy images we have of Christmas are never close to reality, says Alix Riley, MDiv student and admissions counselor at Fuller California Coast. But messiness is actually the point.

Lumpkin - bicycle

Journey to Christmas


It’s too easy to look at December 25 as a destination, writes Fuller Texas student Traci Arrington, rather than savoring the journey of Advent.

Lumpkin - dead branches

Expectation, Not Celebration


A tragedy early in his career as a fire department chaplain cast a shadow over Advent for Fuller Southwest student Kyle Layne, until a revelation came during a Fuller class.

Lumpkin - Koinonia

A Different Kind of Pregnant


Fuller Colorado alum Amber Odvody muses on the deep sense of incompleteness and longing she feels during Advent—and why those feelings are necessary.

Lumpkin - lights on street

Lights in the Darkness


Fuller California Coast MAT student Jill Brubaker, who loves Christmas lights and the transformation they bring, suggests ways we can be lights with our lives.

Lumpkin - hand

Finding God


Holiday stressors can cause us to let go of God’s hand, writes Fuller Southwest student Nancy Frigaard; we must be willing to let him find us again.

Lumpkin - chair

Ordinary People


Richard Johnson, faculty member at Fuller Sacramento, comments on the transformation of “bigger-than-life” biblical characters into ordinary merchants in Oberammergau, Germany.

Lumpkin - waterfall

A Thirst Quenched


Chris Greer, an MDiv student at Fuller California Coast, tells of a backpacking trip and an unexpected source of deliverance.


Hope in a Weeping World


Fuller Southwest MACL student Cindy Snead describes a jarring experience at a nativity pageant she attended long ago in Bethlehem—one that changed the way she views Advent.

Matt Lumpkin Day 4

Seeing Him Up the Road


Rather than straining to see what’s ahead, Fuller Texas MDiv student Patricia Raybon is asking Jesus to arrive in her heart this Advent—in his own time.

Lumpkin - Fall in Pasadena

Gratitude as the Threshold


Kristen Daley Mosier, Fuller Northwest alumna, offers thoughts on gratitude as a starting point for the Advent season.

Lumpkin - Koi

Why Wait?


Steve Wong, MATM student at Fuller Sacramento, reflects on the discipline of waiting.

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