"Aha" Moments in Touchstone

Blogger Grace RenTime flies! Seven weeks past! The Touchstone class has been so far the most heart-touching class in this quarter! God often speaks through the class. Professor Cormode is good at leading us to deal with deep and complicated human issues that we encounter in our respective lives. He usually encourages us to find theological issues behind them. For instance, fear is a common emotion to everybody, but behind fear is the question troubling most Christians: can God be trusted for my future life? Will he help me as I expect? What if he fails to fulfill what I want? With his vivid illustrations and rich life experience of God, we are lightened up! “Aha, I see!”

This week, we came to the issue of Lament, handling longings and losses in our daily life. The first thing the professor wrote on the white board was: God can handle your honesty, even and especially when you are angry at God. However, human beings tend to hide our negative emotions, especially to God. We would like to talk to our friends, our pastors, and co-workers, but never to God initially. Then the professor revealed the reason behind this: we make God a human being and we try to protect him from hearing those negative/bad things! That we dare not to complain directly before God is because we don’t trust him as much as he should be trusted. We have been dishonest to God! In fact, in the season of Lament, God is indeed inviting us to his intimacy, to draw us close to him, to feel his compassion, his care, and his love which would strengthen us to deal with those longings and losses in our lives! “Aha! It explains the matter!”

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