Course Descriptions

Fall 2014

September 29 through December 12

LG512A: Beginning Greek

Greek A introduces students to basic building blocks of New Testament Greek, including nouns and cases, prepositions, adjectives, pronouns, indicative verbs, and an introductory vocabulary.

NS500: New Testament 1 - Gospels and Acts

This is the first course in the New Testament series [NS500/NS501] that examines the origins, historical and cultural background, theological contributions, and intertextual relationships between the four Gospels and the book of Acts. Special attention will be given to those aspects of the text which are more difficult for the modern reader to understand and the hermeneutical challenges for communicating the message of these texts to others.

OT500: Old Testament Introduction (Hybrid+)

This hybrid online and geo-physical course orients students to the literature of the Old Testament in its various literary, historical, and theological contexts and to Old Testament interpretation in service of Christian practice. The books of Genesis, Exodus, Deuteronomy, 2 Samuel, Job, Psalms, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Daniel will be the focus of study.

HT503: The Church's Understanding of the Church, Humanity and the Christian Life in its Theological Reflection

HT503 is a survey of systematic and philosophical theology that focuses especially on revelation and scripture; creation and providence; theological anthropology (human identity and nature, the image of God, the fall, sin, and evil), soteriology (the election, calling, justification, regeneration, and sanctification of the Christian), and ecclesiology (the ministry and mission of the church). The course reflects the historic Christian church’s development of these doctrines in dialogue with its opponents and with its cultural context. Related topics and themes to be addressed may include the development and articulation of the inspiration and authority of scripture, God’s work in creation, human persons in relation to God, and the place of the church in the purposes of God.

TC581: Worship Theology, and the Arts Touchstone Course (Fuller Live!)

This course is the introductory course for all students entering Worship, Theology, and the Arts (WTA) concentrations at the master’s level. This course introduces the students in the WTA concentration to the methodology that will undergird their theological study of Christian worship, along with narrative, performing, and plastic arts. Beginning with Augustine’s philosophy of language and learning as introduced and developed in De Magistro and De Doctrina Christiana, and his assertion that all we have to communicate with are signs, words, and gestures, this course will explore methods of exegeting signs and gestures to supplement the exegesis of words. The course will be divided into modules, each one focusing on the application of this method to Christian worship and two art forms. One module will also focus on the topic of the Brehm Lectures, which the students will be required to attend.

IS500: The Touchstone Course (Hybrid+)

This course focuses on vocation. It teaches students the meaning of vocation and then invites them to plan a course of study that will prepare them for that calling. The course will also address issues that regularly arise as students investigate vocation (e.g. finances).

MR556: Current Trends in Islam

This course will start with current trends in Islam and their roots in history. Then we will cover briefly some basic information about Islam, which is foundational for understanding the current trends. It will also examine the issues behind the anger and the agenda of militant Islam. A special attention will be given to addressing the war that is being waged for the minds and hearts of Muslims, who are being pulled in two opposing directions: on the one hand modernity and on the other hand, Islamic Fundamentalism and/or fanaticism. Special attention will be given to the Israel/Palestine conflict and other current events including the post Arab Spring. We will cover also various approaches and implications for Christian witness

Hybrid+ courses will meet on campus November 10-14 with an online element before and after the on campus portion

Fuller Live! Class will meet in a classroom in Colorado Springs, but will be taught by one professor from Pasadena and one from Houston by live, interactive audio/video link along with other sections meeting in both cities.

Winter 2015

January 5 through March 20

BI500: Interpretive Practices

LG512B: Beginning Greek

NS563: Race and Christian Identity in the New Testament (Fuller Live!)

ET501: Christian Ethics (Hybrid)

HT501: The Church's Understanding of God and Christ in its Theological Reflection

IS503: The Practice of Mission

MD525: Poverty and Development (Fuller Live!)

Hybrid This class will start in Moodle, with weekly interactive assignments beginning the week of January 5. The class will then meet as an intensive January 12-17, and there will be online assignments after the class through the end of the quarter.

Fuller Live! Class will meet in a classroom in Colorado Springs, but will be taught by one professor from Pasadena and/or Seattle by live, interactive audio/video link along with other sections meeting in both cities.

Spring 2015

Coming Soon

Please note that the courses listed above are subject to change.

Consult the Registrar's Course Schedule for further details and any updates.

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Friday, Jan 16, from 7–9 FREE screening of a documentary called "Little Hope Was Arson" ( @LittleHopeFilm ) at FUMC.

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