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Will Stoller-Lee, Director Fuller Theological Seminary's Colorado campus in Colorado SpringsWelcome to Fuller Theological Seminary in Colorado. We have the unique distinction of being Fuller’s oldest and newest regional campus. Fuller’s presence in Colorado dates back to 1962 when Fuller and Young Life, a parachurch outreach ministry to adolescents located in Colorado Springs, entered into an informal training partnership. In 1977 that partnership became the Institute of Youth Ministries, the first fully accredited partnership of its kind between a seminary and a parachurch organization. For three decades the centerpiece of the IYM was the “Summer Institute” held each year in Colorado Springs. In 1995 Fuller Colorado expanded to become a full-service regional campus, offering several degree programs and year-round courses for all.

Study at Fuller Colorado offers:
• programs that provide theological training and spiritual formation
• relevant courses that can be applied to your current ministry
• access to outstanding teachers, scholars, and practitioners
• flexible scheduling options that allow learning at a pace and place that minimizes ministry and family dislocation
• tools to develop learning habits that will serve throughout a lifetime
• degree options that can be completed entirely at the Colorado regional campus
• strategic ministry partnerships with Young Life, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, the Dale House project and others

So, whether you are looking for a campus with a rich and storied tradition or one with innovative new programs, Fuller Colorado is prepared to serve you. We look forward to hearing from you.

Will Stoller-Lee

About 4 weeks ago

Overheard at Fuller Colorado, "if I have to read one more thing about Cain and Abel for this paper, I'll murder somebody! ...oh, wait..."

About 4 weeks ago

RT @fullerseminary : "Cycles" #fullermag

About 4 weeks ago

@fullerseminary @imtheMattWalker We do have ideas for a second run with a new School of Cyc-ology logo so I will keep you in the loop

About 4 weeks ago

@fullerseminary @imtheMattWalker Unfortunately it was a very limited run and we only have a women's M and women's L left.

About 2 months ago

Awesome donuts this morning from Amy's Donuts, these things are over the rainbow good.

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