Engaging Culture

...God is calling us to be a missionary people to our own culture...

Fuller theological seminary colorado campus in Colorado Springs engaging culture sundance At Fuller Colorado we are equipping missional leaders for the work of the Kingdom.  An important dimension of this is a carefully designed curriculum, and a menu of co-curricular events, that help our students to engage our own contemporary culture in thoughtful, transformative and redemptive ways.

Acts 17 is one of the biblical texts that provides the vision and passion for this emphasis on engaging culture.  In this passage Paul lives out his missionary calling in three different arenas of the culture in Athens.  He has the theological grounding to “reason in the synagogue with both Jews and God-fearing Greeks”. Paul is also able to carry this dialogue out into the marketplace of Athens.  And, finally Paul earns the respect of the leaders of this city to be invited to the Aeropagus (the symbol of political and cultural power and influence in Athens) to continue this dialogue.

We offer courses which will help to provide the solid theological training to equip you to serve the Church, both locally and globally.  We also offer courses and events which model how to interpret the message of the Gospel into the language of the marketplace.  And, finally, we humbly seek ways to be invited into places of power and influence in our own culture to present the “strange ideas” of the Gospel.

At the Colorado Regional campus here are some examples of the ways that we are engaging the culture.

• We coordinate a course each year that is held at the Sundance Film Festival, the premiere location for independent films and emerging young filmmakers.
• We host the Windrider Forum at Colorado Springs, a conversation at the intersection of faith and film.
• We offer regular courses on Interfaith Dialogue, Philosophy, Sexuality and a host of other topics that are important as we seek to engage redemptively in the culture around us.

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Does our technology make us "more loving"? Great question from @CraigDetweiler https://t.co/Klboslq0Ax … graphic from @ayoungbarker

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Walter Brueggemann is in Pasadena for the Fuller Forum, check out his chapel sermon here: https://t.co/zZe5qkHgGC

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