Sacramento Faculty

Fuller's outstanding faculty are leaders in their fields and among the world's most published, quoted, and influential scholars. And they're actively involved in varying forms of ministry and outreach-staying in touch with the needs of the church locally and across the globe. Take a look below to learn more about our faculty in Sacramento!


  • Brad Kelle
    Kelle, Brad, PhD

    Adjunct Professor of Old Testament

    Dr. Kelle is currently a tenure-track professor and Director of the MA in Religion program at Point Loma Nazarene University. He has memberships in the Society of Biblical Literature, Wesleyan Theological Society, and International Church of the Nazarene.

  • Daniel square
    Kirk, Daniel, PhD

    Associate Professor of New Testament

    Daniel Kirk joined Fuller in 2008 as a faculty member at the Northern California regional campus, having previously taught at Biblical Seminary and Duke Divinity School, as well as several undergraduate institutions.

  • Peter Rodgers
    Rodgers, Peter, Postgrad Univeristy of Oxford

    Adjunct Professor

    Professor Rodgers has been an Adjunct Professor at Fuller since 2003, he is also continues in ministry at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Woodland where he serves as Rector since 2009.

  • Rohlfing square
    Rohlfing, Richard, MAT

    Adjunct Professor

    Professor Rohlfing studied at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and is fluent in the Hebrew Language.

  • Sechrest square
    Sechrest, Love PhD

    Associate Professor of New Testament

    Dr. Love Sechrest joined Fuller faculty in 2006, having previously taught at Duke Divinity School. She also had a career in the aerospace industry at General Electric.

  • Cynthia Shafer-Elliot
    Shafer-Elliott, Cynthia, PhD

    Visiting Professor of Old Testament

    Dr. Shafer-Elliott's focus is on archeology to better one's understanding of daily life during the time of the Old Testament.

  • No pic
    Tedford, James, PhD

    Adjunct Assistant Professor of New Testament

    Dr. James Tedford has been teaching at Fuller since 2013 and has a 7 year background in Developing Distance Education Courses.

  • No pic
    Thomas, Matthew, PhD

    Adjunct Assistant Professor

    Dr. Thomas focuses on the Old Testament and has been teaching at Fuller since 2009.

  • Intercultural Studies

  • Mainiero Square
    Mainiero, Andrew, PhD

    Adjunct Professor

    Dr. Mainiero is a member of the American Society of Missiology and his focus is on Intercultural Studies as well as worship.

  • Mike Smallest
    McNichols, Mike, DMin

    Director of Fuller Orange County and Affiliate Assistant Professor of Intercultural Studies

    Dr. Mike McNichols has been the Director at Fuller Orange County (formerly California Coast) since 2006. His Dissertation focused on Evangelism and Emerging Culture.

  • Sunquist square
    Sunquist, Scott, PhD

    Dean of the School of Intercultural Studies and Professor of World Christianity

    Dr. Sunquist's main interests lie in Christian mission, evangelism, and world Christian history.

  • Cropped Dr. Tieszen
    Tieszen, Charles, PhD

    Adjunct Professor

    Dr. Tieszen is a specialist in the interface of Christianity and Islam.

  • Ministry

  • Jim Barstow
    Barstow, Jim, DMin

    Adjunct Assistant Professor of General Ministry

    Dr. Barstow has been teaching at Fuller for several years and has been the head Pastor at Centerpoint Church in Roseville since 1999.

  • bischof square
    Bischof, Michael, PhD

    Adjunct Assistant Professor of Spirituality

    Dr. Michael G. Bischof is founder and president of SOULeader Resources, an interdenominational ministry established in 2000 to empower transformational wholeness in leaders, churches, and organizations.

  • Chap Clark  square
    Clark, Chap, PhD

    Associate Provost for Strategic Projects and Professor of Youth, Family, and Culture

    Chapman "Chap" Clark is associate provost for strategic projects and professor and chair of the Youth, Family, and Culture Department in the School of Theology. He also serves as director of the Student Leadership Project and is the School of Theology's representative on the executive board of the Fuller Youth Institute (FYI).

  • Brad small
    Howell, Bradley, DMin

    Director of Fuller Sacramento and Adjunct Professor of Youth, Family, and Culture

    Dr. Brad Howell has been the Associate Director for Fuller Northern California since 2008 and in July 2014 became the Director of Sacramento. He also has many years of experience in pastoral work.

  • kara powell square
    Powell, Kara PhD

    Executive Director of the Fuller Youth Institute and Assistant Professor of Youth and Family Ministry

    Named by Christianity Today as one of the top 50 women to watch, Dr. Kara Powell has transformed Youth Ministry with the Sticky Faith Curriculum.

  • William Roozeboom
    Roozeboom, William, PhD

    Adjunct Assistant Professor of Counseling

    Dr. Roozeboom is the Director of Church Health and a Member of the executive team in the Reformed Church in America. He has been teaching at Fuller since 2009.

  • Kim Thacker
    Thacker, Kim, PhD

    Affiliate Assistant Professor of Evangelism and Philosophy

    Dr. Thacker has been teaching at Fuller since 2003. Her focus is on Evangelism and Philosophy.

  • Randy Young square
    Young, Randy, DMin

    Associate Director of Church Relations and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Ministry

    Dr. Young has a wide variety of ministry experience, serving in several different churches as an Assistant Pastor, Associate Pastor and Head Pastor for over 30 years.

  • Theology and Church History

  • Dufault-Hunter Erin
    Dufault-Hunter, Erin, PhD

    Assistant Professor of Christian Ethics

    Erin Dufault-Hunter has been at Fuller since 2006 and addresses a wide variety of topics in Christian Ethics from Ethics of Life and Death to Sexuality to Discipleship.

  • Richard Johnson
    Johnson, Richard, PhD

    Affiliate Associate Professor of Church History

    Dr. Johnson has been a professor at Fuller Seminary Northern California and online for many years, he was a pastor of a Lutheran Church in Grass Valley for 28 years before retiring in 2012.

  • Ron Sanders
    Sanders, Ron, PhD

    Affiliate Faculty

    Dr. Sanders has taught at Fuller since 2008, specializing in Christian Ethics. He has worked with Campus Crusade since 1991 and has been Campus Director for the organization at Stanford University since 1998.

  • No pic
    Sumner, Richard, PhD

    Adjunct Assistant Professor of Theology

    Dr. Darren Sumner has been teaching at Fuller since 2013. He did his PhD dissertation on Karl Barth's Critical Appropriation of the Doctrine of Incarnation.

  • Dr. Libby Vincent
    Vincent, Libby, PhD

    Adjunct Assistant Professor

    Beyond her work at Fuller Seminary Dr. Vincent belongs to the PCUSA and is a noted speaker, teacher, and theologian.

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