Meet our graduates


Steve Aeschbacher

Master of Divinity (MDiv)

Going to school while working full time sure makes time fly! When I started at Fuller my youngest was a senior in high school, now she has her own master’s degree! Sheesh.

During the day (ok, all the time) I am a lawyer for Microsoft in the litigation group. I am an elder at Bellevue Presbyterian where I enjoy working with leadership development and the Faith+Work+Culture project. I was particularly grateful to be part of the first cohort of Cascade Fellows this year (as a “senior” fellow, obviously!), and am looking forward to coleading a new cohort of senior fellows next year at BelPres.

I am graduating with a Master of Divinity and have focused particularly on teaching and spiritual formation in adults, as well as worship, theology, and Scripture.

I am excited about putting my learning to use in new ways. Recently I became a candidate with the Presbytery of Seattle. I hope to do chaplaincy next year, take my last ordination exam, and broaden my experience working in a congregation. I am excited to look for a call as a pastor in the near future.

I am very grateful to my wife and daughters for their support and encouragement (and vision!) through this whole process. And patience. Did I mention patience? My family makes me a much better person, and I am happy to have some extra time to spend with them now that classes are done.


Mark Cercone

MA Theology (MAT)

It is so exciting to be finally done with school, yet I will have lasting memories of my time at Fuller Northwest because of the faculty and many of my fellow students.

The first thing I want to do is to spend more time with my wife, Beth, and my three children, Amara, Matteo, and Milana. I have to say thank you to all of them because there is no way I could have finished a Master in Theology and Ministry without their love and support. They have sacrificed so much for me to be here.

I am not sure of my next step and what God has planned, but hopefully someday it will be with a local church as a pastor. I have a shepherd’s heart, and it breaks when people do not know Jesus or they find themselves lost in this world. God has placed this call on my life and believe I ultimately can do nothing else.


Jacqueline Cook

Master of Divinity (MDiv)

I began my journey as an MAT student at Fuller Seminary in Colorado Springs during the summer of 2010 while my husband, Christian, was stationed at Northern Command. While living in “the Springs,” I completed a five-month CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) internship and one-year chaplain residency at Penrose-St. Francis Hospital. During this time, I discovered that I thrive in interfaith/cross-cultural ministry contexts. This experience prompted me to change my degree plan from the MAT to the MDiv in order to meet hospital chaplaincy requirements.

In 2013, Christian was transferred to the USS Nimitz in Everett, Washington, and I picked up my educational pursuits at Fuller Northwest here in Seattle. Today I am pleased to say that I am part of this year’s graduating class! Woohoo! So, what’s next? Well, we are being transferred (once again) this summer to Carlisle, Pennsylvania, where Christian will be an instructor at the Army War College. After we get settled, my hope is to acquire a position as a chaplain at a local hospital or hospice.

Because my time at Fuller spanned five years and two campuses, it would be impossible in the space provided to thank everyone by name who contributed to my academic, spiritual, and personal development. Instead, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for all of you and to all of you who make Fuller, Fuller. You are the best! You have enriched my life in so many ways. I would also like to thank all of my fellow classmates, friends, and family members who have cheered me on as I pressed toward this goal. But most of all I want to thank my husband—without his patient love and unwavering support none of this would have been possible!


Janie Crane

MA Theology (MAT)

Seven. Seven years it has taken me to complete this degree. But, alas! I am done and can now read for fun again. Harper Lee and I are going to have a great summer! I want to sincerely thank my husband, Chris, for his encouragement not to give up and my Grandma Jacobson for her scholarship assistance.

I am graduating with a Master in Theology with an emphasis in Christian ethics. More importantly, I am graduating having grown in my love and knowledge of Jesus Christ and with an enlarged vision for the kingdom of God here on earth as it is in heaven. I plan to continue to engage in beginning-of-life ethics through my work serving women facing unplanned pregnancies at Pregnancy Choices, a pregnancy resource center, and as a mentor for YoungLives, a program for pregnant and parenting teen girls. I also look forward to exploring new opportunities to teach and disciple others with my newfound knowledge from my seminary experience.


Jeremy Daniels

MA Theology (MAT)

First of all I want to say thanks to all of the people who have supported me through my years at Fuller, especially my wife, Crystal, and my son, Cole. I am grateful for the years I spent at Fuller and have appreciated the many ways the courses, professors, and my colleagues called me higher and helped me to grow in my faith like never before. I will never forget my Fuller experience or the things I have learned, and look forward to taking them to my community and the world.


Zachary Dunckley

MA Theology (MAT)

Wow! It is amazing what can happen in the six years it takes to get a Master of Arts in Theology, but what an amazing journey it has been! Though it took me longer than expected, it has allowed me to enjoy the other aspects of life that God has so graciously allowed me to participate in. Since starting seminary my amazing and supportive wife, Melissa, and I have had two biological children, Zephaniah and Zoe, and are hoping to adopt our current foster child, Zion. We have also had the joy of planting a church in Renton, which admittedly has had its fair share of bumps, but by God’s grace and the support of a small staff and devoted congregation we have grown and seen God do amazing things to further his kingdom. It is almost surreal to think about life without being in seminary. I look forward to the extra time that will be spent with family and pastoring. I am grateful for how God has used my time at Fuller to build a firmer foundation for the past, current, and future ministry work I know God has in store. A special thank you, first to Melissa: I am overwhelmed by not just your loving support, but also the joy we share in Jesus and what he has called us to. Thank you also to my amazing mother, Cherie, my brother and sister-in-law, Luke and Chelsea, and friends Justin and Taylor—without your generous financial contributions I would have never been able to receive my Master of Arts in Theology. Most of all, I am overwhelmed by my Savior Jesus and what he has done for me, my greatest hope of all is that in the years ahead, whether in family, ministry, or trials, I would be driven to make much of my greatest treasure, Jesus.


Elyse Fairweather

Master of Divinity (MDiv)

Seminary has been an exciting time of growth for me, from learning about church history and systematic theology, to growing as an individual and further defining my faith. It’s hard to believe that these last four years have flown by as quickly as they have and that I’m finally putting on that cap, gown, and hood and getting my Master of Divinity!

While much of my time in seminary has been spent serving at Northminster Presbyterian Church, I have recently spent time interning as a Chaplain at St. Joseph Medical Center in Tacoma, where I will continue ministering in the capacity of resident chaplain. I am both overjoyed and humbled by the opportunity to partner with SJMC in their home hospice program and look forward to seeing how God continues to use me for the glory of his kingdom!

Although I’m sad that this chapter of my life is over, I am looking forward to more time for yoga, reading, and playing music. I am grateful to my family—my parents, Doug and Kathryn, and my sister, Samantha—my best friend, Caroline, my church community, and God for putting up with me these last four years, for supporting me when I needed it, for taking joy in accomplishments along the way, and for dealing with my ridiculous coffee habit! Thank you for all you have done for me. This degree is for you as well.


Jovelyn Gamiao

MA Theology (MAT)

Woohoo! God did it again. Praise, honor, and glory belong to him from whom all wisdom and confidence flow. He has enabled me to sit under the tutelage of FNW professors, to whom I also give thanks. I am grateful to Renee Williams for helping me discover and fall in love with Greek and Hebrew. I am also grateful to Dr. Pam Scalise, the reason why Psalms is now my favorite book of the Bible; to Dr. Chap Clark whose passion on community is contagious, and to whom I owe my love of planting community groups in places God brings me; to Dr. Rich Erickson, who took pains to emphasize the transformative power of the Scripture; to Dr. Blaine Charette, for helping me make sense of the letters of Paul; to Dr, John Bangs, for helping me grow deeper in worship both on personal and corporate levels; and to Dr. Charlie Scalise, whose writing prowess challenged me to write better papers. Although my chance to impart all these things in the academic context hasn’t come yet, I will not forget them. In fact I will let them be cemented deep within, by actively involving myself in the Church while keeping myself abreast of biblical and theological studies.


Kim Herbert

Master of Divinity (MDiv)

The past three years at Fuller Northwest has been a time of tremendous growth for me. I love to learn, so there weren’t many classes I didn’t like, but a few highlights are the preaching classes, Church History with Charlie Scalise, New Testament classes with Erickson, and Family, Youth, and Emerging Adult classes with Chap Clark. I am graduating with an MDiv and I am currently looking to enter full-time ministry. Having been a full-time student and in part-time ministry, I look forward to the amount of free time I’m going to have now that classes are done. I’m excited to do a lot more backpacking, to start reading for fun again, and to have more time to write. The past three years have been something that I have deeply cherished, but I look forward to starting the next chapter.


Dennis Hodge

Master of Divinity (MDiv)

I am grateful to our Lord God for his tireless faithfulness on my unexpectedly ten-year Fuller journey: from newlywed to new parent; from full-time engineering to full-time ministry; from the predictable to the unknown. He has patiently but relentlessly led me through a transforming walk of learning, waiting, ministering, and suffering as I follow Jesus. All along the way God has generously provided my beloved wife and mentors to walk with me. May I know Christ fully and make him fully known that others will find life to the full in his Name.


Kristen Hoover

MA Theology (MAT)

I was born and raised in Korea and came to the United States alone when I was thirty. The only people I knew were my husband and God. After losing four babies and struggling through a serious mid-life crisis, God told me to go to a seminary. My answer was flatly no. Then I wrestled with God for three years and he won. That was how I started this journey. After a challenging eight-year journey that included dropping classes three times due to losing both in-laws and going back to Korea to take care of my mom’s illness, finally I saw the light at the end of the tunnel.

During those years, every class was challenging, but every professor was inspiring and a blessing to me. I am truly grateful to all my professors at Fuller for changing my life forever.

May God bless all the graduates and guide you all to a ministry that he has in mind for you.


Daniel Litzenberg

MA Theology (MAT)

When I started my first class at Fuller I knew was taking the first step in discerning how God was speaking into my life. Six years, two kids, and one personal library of theology and biblical studies later, the picture has become pretty clear. After graduation I will be leaving my career in banking and taking on the interim lead pastor role at Issaquah Christian Church. After that, who knows, but God has been opening doors for me all my life; he won’t stop now. Fuller was one giant door that I am so blessed to have walked through. My wife, Melissa, has been more supportive than I ever imagined, and she is the main reason why I made it through. She put the kids to bed when I was away at class and took care of the house while I was in coffee shops and libraries, parsing Greek verbs and writing papers. Her name should be on this degree too! I am also grateful for the friends I have made along the way—friends who I could geek out with over Bonhoeffer and literary patterns in Ruth. These are friends who have kept me sane, and I hope to continue doing life with them for a long time.


Peter Lorenz

MA Theology (MAT)

It’s been a long journey to get here and I’m thankful to all those who have made it possible, through whom I’ve received well over a hundredfold in support and encouragement. I’d like to thank the people at Fuller Northwest who have guided me through the MAT in Biblical Studies: Martin Jimenez, my advisor, and all of my professors, Profs. Rich Erickson, Pam and Charlie Scalise, H. Mark Abbott, John Bangs, Bryan Burton, Blaine Charette, Philip Payne, and Darren Sumner. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom! I’d also like to thank my fellow students who have made Fuller a friendly, caring, and faith-filled place. Wherever I go, I know I’ll miss the community at Fuller. I’d also like to thank those in my extended faith family, especially Pat Macaluso and Mike Kurtz, for their years of mentoring; and my immediate family, especially my mom, for her encouraging example of faith, my dad, my role model and inspiration to pursue the professorial vocation, and my mother-in-law, Yim Kuen Lam, for her kind presence in my life. Most of all, I’d like to thank, my wife, Karen, and our daughters, Ella, Hannah, Naomi, and Esther, for their patient and loving support the past three and a half years. I love you! Karen, I couldn’t have done this without you by my side!

As for future plans, my immediate goal is to pursue a PhD in New Testament, emphasizing textual criticism, though where and how are still uncertain. As a family, we’re excited about the possibility of a move to Munster, Germany, or perhaps Birmingham, UK. My long-range vision is to serve as a professor wherever there might be a need for seminary-level instruction. For now, though, it is a journey to a land the Lord will show us.


Mark Mohrlang

Master of Divinity (MDiv)

It would be ridiculous to try and list all of the changes in my life that have occurred during the 7+ years I’ve been taking classes at Fuller. Along with the Holy Spirit, my support has come from my wife and family, Randy Rowland, and the community of Sanctuary (along with others—if you think your name should go here, you’re probably right). I have been particularly grateful for my church community, which has given me a practical context to think about every class and every subject. Summer (my wife) and I will continue to pastor Sanctuary CRC for the foreseeable future.


Bao Phan

MA Global Leadership (MAGL)

Seven years ago I started seminary at Fuller Northwest as a young single man who just wanted to know more about God. I am excited to be graduating from Fuller Seminary, blessed to be married to my wife, Diana, and very lucky to be a dad to my son, Etienne.

All glory to God, and thank you, Jesus, for his grace and mercy to lead me through this journey and for holding my messy life together. I am grateful to Fuller, my friends, and my family. Thank you to Fuller’s faculty, staff, and wonderful friends that I made at Fuller. Thank you to all my friends in my context who continue to sharpen me and allow me to serve with them. And last but not least, thank you to my wonderful family, who have been a rock in my life.

I am looking forward to teaching my son to read, celebrating our fifth anniversary, taking a family road trip, and serving the community together with our church (Joshua 24:15). Let’s celebrate! Cheers to all of the graduates!


Jonathan Schultz

Master of Divinity (MDiv)

I came to Fuller from Michigan for an MDiv in March 2011. My uncle, who lives not far from the Pasadena campus, asked me to consider Fuller and offered me a place to live with him. I didn’t have any concrete reason to turn him down, but I thought God was leading me to Seattle. I left Michigan on a journey of 2500 miles and four years only to find that I am not done yet. While I don’t know what life will look like outside of institutional education, I am confident that God will walk with me, as he does with you, and as he has always done. All hail Emmanuel.


Bill Strunk

Master of Divinity (MDiv)

My seminary journey began back in the summer of 2007, so it feels like this day has been a long time coming. I completed my MDiv in December, but I’m happy to further the celebration with this commencement. I have enjoyed learning from Fuller’s great professors and from my fellow students. A great joy was being able to take a few classes with my wife, Claire (who received her MDiv from Fuller in 2012). Another highlight was taking the Touchstone class this past fall from Chap Clark. Though the class is designed to be taken at the beginning of seminary, the practical focus of the class made it a very effective capstone for my seminary education.

In January, my wife and I moved with our two children, Jude and Greta, to Bothell, Washington, to copastor a church plant in the Evangelical Covenant Church. We are passionate about what God does in and through the local church, both in individual lives and the life of the community as a whole. It has been an adventure so far and I’m looking forward to what God continues to have in store in this post-seminary season of life.


Terry Tarsiuk

MA Theology and Ministry (MATM)

After taking the fast track of completing a three-year degree in ten years, I am glad for the experience! I am graduating with a Master in Theology and Ministry and am excited to put my learning into practice as I continue to teach the Bible and provide pastoral counsel for people seeking to be healthy, both spiritually and emotionally. I have come to love Jesus and appreciate who he is and what he did for us even more than ever before. For me the theological education has been transformative and smashes the stereotype of seminary being a cemetery. Thank you Fuller! I have been able to integrate the research skills I learned into my preparation of lessons for Bible studies and classroom situations and look forward to learning more in the future, whether through auditing classes at Fuller or pursuing a doctorate (maybe).


Jeff Whisler

MA Theology (MAT)

I am very excited to be done with my Master of Arts in Theology. It has been a joy to have the opportunity to share what I have been learning in school with my ministry at Eastside Christian Fellowship. After graduation I will continue to serve as Youth Minister at ECF. Thanks to my family and friends for all the prayers and support!


Matt White

MA Theology (MAT)

I am finally finished! I enjoyed my time studying at Fuller, although I took about 9 years to complete my degree. I am looking forward to spending more time with my wife, Dewi, and daughters, Alexis and Samantha. To celebrate, we have a family cruise planned to Alaska this summer.

I will be graduating with the MAT in Biblical Studies and Theology. The courses I completed over the years have enriched my ministry, especially the courses that have included an emphasis on cross-cultural contexts. I plan to continue my vocation in software engineering and participation in ministry to Chinese and Indonesian students and families.

When I was a teenager, I once highlighted a reference to Fuller Seminary in a book and made a mental note that this was a place I wanted to check out. Now after my 40th birthday I am grateful for the opportunity to have studied here and I am excited to be graduating.


Joshua Wittmier

Master of Divinity (MDiv)

I began my time at Fuller in the Fall of 2007 taking one class a quarter and seeking God concerning a possible call to vocational ministry. It has been quite the journey through my time here, as I transitioned from full-time work and one class, to being a full-time student. There have been bumps, bruises, and disappointments along the way, and my path to finishing did not happen as I planned it. God has been faithful through it all, and I am thankful for the encouragement I have received from the professors at Fuller, both in the classroom and out. Thank you Kim Anderson, Dr. Charlie Scalise, Dr. Erickson, and Martin for the coffee and conversation through it all. I seek now to continue to apply my learning in the service of the local church.


Yas Yoneda

MA Theology and Ministry (MATM)

When I became a Christian at the age of 17, I wanted to dedicate my life to full-time ministry either as a pastor or as a police officer. After 35 years of rewarding full-time ministry in law enforcement, I decided to attend Fuller Theological Seminary at their Northwest campus, just in case God would still call me to pastor a church. I started Fuller at the age of 57 in the Spring of 2009 when my wife, Caroline, agreed to support my academic habit by returning to work. It took me six years, but I will be graduating with a Master of Arts in Theology and Ministry. It was, by far, the hardest in terms of all the reading and writing the professors had me do, but I came to love the journey. The journey was even more special when Pastor Ric Glomstad of Sylvan Way Baptist Church, Bremerton, Washington, welcomed me as his pastoral intern for the last five years.

All my professors and fellow students stretched me beyond my capability, and for that I will forever be grateful. But the greatest gift I received was this: writing scholarly papers based on the Word of God each week. I hope to find a call where I can collaborate with other ministry leaders by doing occasional preaching and pastoral care, but still have plenty of time to be a grandfather, Caroline’s travel companion, and may there be big salmon at the end of my fishing line.

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