Clara Kim

MDiv, 2012

My journey with Fuller Seminary began with a naive curiosity to learn more about God and the Bible. As a kid, I was strangely drawn to World Book Encyclopedias (before Wikipedia existed) and would spend hours just reading and researching about things I found interest in. If I liked something, I was the kind of kid that wanted to know everything about it. As I grew older, this desire to learn and grow shifted towards God; He was like a mystery that could never be solved, and the more I knew there was much more I still wanted to know. I had many questions and didn't know where to go for answers. I mean, church leaders and the Internet could only go so far.

I had a 9 to 5 full time job at stable company, but I started to take evening classes at Fuller as an extracurricular activity/hobby-thinking it was a secondary interest next to paying the bills and making a living. But in my span of four years at Fuller, God led me to believe that my interest and study of Him could no longer be limited to a personal hobby as He called me into full time ministry.

Today, I serve as a high school youth pastor at a Korean American church in Bothell, Washington. I am grateful that this has become my post-graduate school where Christ is currently my professor, instructor, counselor, and best friend. I do a lot of random things as a youth pastor, but among my favorite is to share what I learn and receive from God with young people He loves. My interest for learning is no longer just kept to myself, but now I find greater joy and fulfillment as I share what I love with others.

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