John Shorb

MDiv, '12

I embarked on my Fuller journey in the summer of 2005. At the time I had been teaching high school Bible at Cedar Park Christian School, and thought that propping up my education with a few extra Bible credits would keep me sharp for the ministry that I felt called to for the years to come. One class turned into two, and by Winter 2008 I realized that I enjoyed my Fuller experience so much that it was time to explore completing a degree. My classes and professors had been doing more than informing me, they had been encouraging me - encouraging me to think, to wrestle with the material and what I believed, and they genuinely cared about how what I was learned would touch down in my ministry. Final projects became projects that I could actually use in the path of ministry that I was on, and by Winter 2012 I had completed more than a degree. Yes, I had the information that I had wanted to help me continue in ministry, but more importantly I had developed a mind which encouraged trajectory. I was encouraged to think beyond what I was, or the situation I had always known, but had begun to dream bigger. How could God use me more effectively? How could I engage people in a different way, in order to intersect them with Jesus? What began in Summer 2005 as a chance to gain info, and show people that I was a learned, developed into a hunger and a passion for engaging in practical ministry. I want to be a part of what Christ is doing on earth today and in the future.

Today, I am the Family Life Pastor at Bethany Christian Assembly in Everett, WA, (a church that runs nearly 2,000 on any given weekend, and over 3,500 call home). My portfolio/areas of responsibility include administrating the incredible staff that runs our "All Stars' Kids Ministries" (ages birth through 4th grade), as well as connecting with the largest demographic that make up our church, the married adults (ages 20 to 40) with children. As a result of my teaching and administrative background - cultivated by Fuller - we have plans to adjust my portfolio to lead the Discipleship component of our BCA ministry.

The cost of my Fuller education pales in comparison to the platform which it has offered me to be successful in ministry. It has taken time and dedication, and has required sacrifice both of myself and my family, but the opportunities that we now feel so blessed with make us thankful for the brief period in which I was able to be encouraged. I am forever grateful for the opportunities provided for me and my family.

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