Peter Rodgers

Adjunct ProfessorSchool of Theology

Contact Information
BA (History) Hobart College
STM General Theological Seminary
BLitt (Biblical Studies) Oxford University

Biographical Information

Professor Rodgers has been an Adjunct Professor at Fuller since 2003, he is also continues in ministry at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Woodland where he serves as Rector since 2009.

Classes Taught

  • PR500 Homiletics
  • PR517 Preaching for Occasional Services
  • PR525 Foundations of Biblical of Preaching
  • LG512A-C Beginning Greek
  • NE502 Exegetical Methods and Practices
  • NE506 NT Exegesis 1 Peter (Greek)
  • NE506 NT Exegesis Philippians (Greek)
  • NE567 Acts (English)
  • NE567 Mark (English)
  • NE567 Philippians (English)

Areas of Expertise, Research and Writing

New Testament, Greek, Preaching, Textual Criticism



Knowing Jesus. Inter-Varsity Press, 1982. (Republished by Forward Movement, 1989.)

The Scribes, A Novel about the Early Church. Authorhouse, 2001.

In Progress: The Sign of the Dolphin (provisional title); sequel to The Scribes.

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"Observations on P.Oxy 3523, P.90" in the proceedings of Lille, France Conference on The Text of the New Testament in the Second Century.

Contributor, Biographical Dictionary of Christian Mission,

Contributor, Oxford Dictionary of American English, Specialist Editor, Christianity, Ecclesiastical terms.

Contributor, Dictionary for the Theological Interpretation of Scripture (Vanhoozer, Wright) Articles on Textual Criticism, 1 Peter, New Testament Lexicons.