Scholarships: Building God's Kingdom Together

Students have come to Fuller because God has called them to be pastors, teachers, missionaries, counselors, non-profit directors, and other extensions of His love in our world. Many of these students lack the financial resources to live in an area as expensive as Pasadena, let alone afford the cost of a graduate program. It is not uncommon for graduates to delay the vocation to which they have been called because of a need to "work off" the debt (primarily student loans) that they have accumulated. By providing scholarship funds, you can partner with these students to help them gain a graduate degree and put it to use in building God's kingdom.

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Financial Aid Opportunities

Donors who contribute to scholarships at Fuller Seminary make an important investment in the future. Our graduates continue to go on to positions of leadership in churches, missions, academic and secular settings. Students are enormously grateful for scholarship support and will always remember the gifts that enabled them to afford their education. We hope you will consider making a difference this year for students at Fuller.

Create a Named Scholarship

Named endowed scholarship funds start at $50,000 and may be used to benefit categories of students who are of particular interest to the donor, including the following areas:

  • Academic
  • Denominational Affiliation
  • Special Programs
  • Community Service
  • Educational Service
  • International Status

Endowed scholarships leave a legacy for future generations of Fuller students, and may be named in honor of yourself, a loved one, or a person of influence.

At lower levels, you may also contribute to the general graduate scholarship endowment.

Charles E. Fuller Annual Scholarship

All students who demonstrate financial need are eligible for the Charles E. Fuller Annual Scholarship. These funds are distributed to students on a first come, first served basis until the funds are depleted. The type and amount of grant varies according to the school and degree program.

Make an Annual Gift

Annual gifts supporting unrestricted scholarships are especially useful to the President and deans as they enable Fuller to continue to attract and enroll students from around the world, regardless of financial circumstances.

Give online or contact a member of our staff to find out more about how you can develop your own plan to support Fuller students.
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