Northwest Christians who can engage, know, enjoy, critique, heal, create, and love Northwest culture to the glory of God


  • To explore the unique cultural challenges and opportunities for Christianity in the Northwest.
  • To cultivate rich theological discussions about those challenges and opportunities.
  • To connect Christian leaders in the church, academy, and society who share a mutual commitment to embodying the gospel in the Pacific Northwest.
  • To equip Christian leaders with a theological understanding of their calling to contribute to the renewal of the Pacific Northwest.


1. Context
The institute's programs will focus specifically on issues that relate to the Pacific Northwest. We hope to cultivate Northwest Christians who can both proclaim and follow Christ locally.

2. Conviction
While participants will disagree on many theological, cultural, and political issues, all institute dialogues will be grounded in one common conviction:
That Northwest Christians are called to know and love the Pacific Northwest

3. Civility
Across our many differences we hope to cultivate conversations that are marked by the dialogical virtues of humility, charity, and hospitality.

4. Collaboration

The institute will not attempt to provide "the answer" to the complex challenges facing the Pacific Northwest. Instead it will seek to identify the critical issues and questions and gather together thoughtful Christian individuals and institutions from around the region for conversation and collaboration.

5. Creativity
The dynamic and complex challenges of life in the Pacific Northwest require Christian creativity and imagination. There are no easy, static, or stock answers to how the church should interact with the dynamic complexities of Northwest culture.


The following institute courses will be made available through Fuller Northwest Seminary. Contact Jennifer Anderson for more information

Cultural Spheres

These are the primary cultural spheres in which the institute will engage theological and cultural conversation:

  • Politics
  • Marketplace
  • Arts
  • Family
  • Church

These conversations will take place in classes, at Institute events and on its blog

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