DMin Preparation Guide

Are you considering the Doctor of Ministry (DMin) program as an option to further your academic studies? Below, we have provided some steps to consider as you begin your journey toward the DMin program.

Step 1: Rethink Your Masters Program

The DMin program builds upon the MDiv degree. It is possible for students with a 96 quarter-unit MAT from Fuller to be accepted to the DMin program, but they will be required to take 12 additional DMin units (2 courses) sometime during their DMin program, plus a language course if they did not take Greek or Hebrew during their Masters degree.

Probably the best thing you could do to make the most of your master's experience would be to pursue the MDiv or MAT while in an ongoing ministry leadership role. Too often students graduate from their MDiv or MAT having taken all the required courses but don't have sufficient experience integrating their studies with lived ministry. If the MDiv/MAT is done in an academic vacuum it's going to be far less helpful or ingrained than if you can take concepts and content from the classroom directly to their context for critical evaluation, integration and reflection. Our advise is to get an MDiv or an MAT, take your biblical languages, and do it all while actively involved in ministry so that you are engaging the academic/ministry integration all along the way.

Step 2: Take Courses that Matter

There are no "ideal" masters classes to take to prepare you for the DMin program, so take classes that relate best to your ministry context. However, it is to your advantage that you complete one of the Biblical Language sequence prior to applying to the DMin program. You may take either 3 quarters of Greek or 2 quarters of Hebrew in order to meet this prerequisite. If you prefer to fulfill this prerequisite within the Doctor of Ministry program, you also have that option. The real preparation for the DMin program comes from integrating your master's education with your ministry leadership experience.

Step 3: Finish Your Masters Degree

You will not be able to start the DMin program without having completed your master's degree and met all the prerequisites for the program.

Step 4: Secure a Ministry Context

Admission requires that students have a least 3 years of ministry leadership experience following their MDiv/MAT degree, as well as an ongoing ministry leadership context for the duration of their DMin program. All of the work of the DMin degree involves the integration of content with context. You should have a least 3 years of ministry experience post-master's degree in order to be eligible for the DMin program.

We often get students in transition between ministry positions. It is possible to begin the online portion of the Personalized Track of the DMin program between ministry positions, but students must be in ministry leadership in order to take cohorts or other 1-2 week intensive courses.

Step 5: Speak with a DMin Representative

If you are in ministry leadership and are hungry for new tools for ministry, a safe community of support, and an environment of critical, creative reflection and contextual integration, then the DMin program may be the right fit for you. Students may contact the DMin office to speak with an advisor at any time.

For more information, check out the DMin web page.

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