About Creative Services

The Process

Creative Services works in partnership with each department partner to achieve each project's objectives, following the general workflow below. Please note that the duration of each step and turn around time depends on the type of project. The partnership means both Creative Services and the partner have responsibilities in each step of the process. The purple box below represents when the partner is responsible for the task(s) and the yellow box represents when Creative Services is responsible to take action. Any delays on completing each step might result in shifting the project's priority and turn around time.
Ideally, Creative Services needs at least 14-21 business days to deliver a completed project. We realize that, in some cases, projects come unexpectedly and require a short turn around time. Every project is important to us. By alerting Creative Services and submitting the work request as soon as your department conceives the project idea, Creative Services will be able to better prioritize and fit your request into the project queue.

New Project

If you are in the early stages of a project and desire more guidance from C&M, or uncertain if we provide the type of assistance that you need, please email imc@fuller.edu.

Email us

Known/Repeat Project

If the details of your project are fairly certain, please fill out one of the following request forms:

Video Project

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