Events Guidelines

The purpose of a Fuller event is to create a positive, lasting impression and experience for our constituents (prospective students, current students, alumni, employees & friends of Fuller) that supports the overall mission of Fuller.

The following categories are a working draft. Final draft will be effective July 1, 2014.

Category 1: Campus-Wide, Fuller Brand “Signature” Events

Leadership: Communications & Marketing Events with support from applicable existing campus event planners
Description: These events have the potential of drawing prospective students to Fuller, attracting donor and alumni involvement and providing an opportunity for maximum Fuller brand impact through the way its president/leadership are presented to key constituents, media, commmunity/U.S. and international arena.
Attendance: 500+
Lead Time: Minimum one year.
Examples: N.T. Wright Conference, Inaugurations, Installations, Anniversary Celebrations, Retirement Celebrations, etc.

Category 2: Key Positioning Program Events

Leadership: Communications & Marketing Events in conjunction with select event representatives from respective departments and programs
Description: These are important, focused events related to the schools and centers of Fuller's collective campuses. While not considered to have campus-wide impact, they have the potential to serve as experiential marketing for Fuller's schools, centers and regional campuses and thereby secure full support from Communications & Marketing as resources allow.
Attendance: 200+
Lead Time: Minimum six months to one year.
Examples: Payton Lectures, Integration Lectures, Missiology Lectures, Brehm Lectures, etc.

Category 3: Campus Culture Events

Leadership: Event representatives from respective departments, employing protocols and planning tool-kit as provided by Communications & Marketing
Description: The integral events support the vibrant culture that exists throughout all of Fuller's campus. Featuring speakers, presentations or experiences that support Fuller's programs and perspectives, these events are important community events that highlight the institution's mission.
Attendance: Under 200
Lead Time: Minimum three to six months.
Examples: Guest lectures, film screenings, dialogues and panel discussions, noted holidays and awareness months, exhibits, prospective student events, etc.

Category 4: Last-Minute Events

Leadership: Event representatives from respective departments, with approval by Communications & Marketing, but no additional resources
Description: Events that arise last-minute are subject to approval based only upon space and personnel availability. Marketing resources will be subject to availability. Should events take place, event representatives are responsible for maintaining event standards outlined in the Communications & Marketing Events tool kit.
Lead Time: Less than three months
Examples: All unscheduled events.

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