Become an Apprenticeship Site

Thank you for your interest in supervising apprentices from Fuller Seminary.

A key component of an apprenticeship is the relationship between the supervisor and the apprentice. The supervisor provides mentoring, modeling, and coaching for the apprentice in practical ministry, and spiritual and theological reflection. We are grateful for your willingness to partner with us to give Fuller students an opportunity to not only become equipped in the skills of ministry, but also to receive spiritual, theological, and vocational formation during their apprenticeships.

We invite you to partner with us in preparing future leaders for ministry and helping them discern their gifts and call.


  • Minimum of three years in a related full-time ministry position post-seminary

  • Minimum of one year in current position

  • Formal theological training (i.e., Bible college or seminary-level theological education)*

  • Spend at least one hour per week one-on-one with the apprentice in theological reflection, prayer, planning, and evaluation

  • Collaborate with the apprentice to develop the Learning Agreement and evaluate the apprentice’s progress each quarter

  • Provide a learning structure that is challenging, educational, and supportive

  • Ensure the participation of the site in the apprenticeship

Steps to becoming an affiliate or residential site

Step 1: Initial Inquiry

Meet with Call Discernment team for an overview of the apprenticeship and MAICS practicum. To schedule an appointment, please email us at

Step 2: Site Application

The site completes a site and supervisor application. Site applications are reviewed on a quarterly basis.

Step 3: Site Application Review

Site applications are reviewed by Call Discernment staff, who will notify the site of the decision.

Step 4: Site Visit

A site visit will be scheduled if local. For international or other sites, other arrangements will be made.

Step 5: Affiliate Agreement

The Call Discernment office and site create an affiliate agreement.

Step 6: Site Promotion

Call Discernment promotes the opportunity to students using a variety of venues. The site may also promote the opportunity.

For further information on supervision, please read the Supervisor Handbook and become familiar with Call Discernment’s Model for Theological Reflection. Students are expected to apply this model during their apprenticeship and utilize it to theologically reflect with their supervisors.


If a student has chosen a student-selected site and asked you to serve as their supervisor, you will need to be approved by the Call Discernment office.

If you would like to post your apprenticeship/practicum as a Student-Selected Site opportunity, you may do so at

If you're ready to apply to be a Fuller apprenticeship supervisor, please read the Supervisor Handbook and complete the Supervisor Application. After filling out the application, please submit it electronically to Review the student’s apprenticeship proposal to make sure you agree with the anticipated goals of the apprenticeship. You will be notified if the student’s proposal has been approved and if you have been approved to serve as a supervisor.

Supervisors will be contacted every three years to update their applications. During that time if you are asked to supervise a different student, you will only need to complete a supervisor agreement and submit it to

Please note that supervisors may not oversee the apprenticeship of an immediate family member.

Student placement process at an student-selected and affiliate/residential site

  1. Student submits an application to Call Discernment.

  2. Call Discernment completes an initial review of applications.

  3. Call Discernment forwards the applications of students to the site.

  4. The site will determine which students to interview, and schedule accordingly.

  5. The site will notify Call Discernment of the student(s) selected.

  6. Call Discernment will notify selected student(s) and assist the student(s) with course registration information.

  7. The site begins training.

  8. The student begins their on-site experience.

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