General Information

How do I apply?

You must apply for Fuller Housing separately from Fuller Admissions. We strongly encourage you to apply to Housing immediately. Even if you have not received an Admissions decision you can still apply to Housing. It is your responsibility to immediately inform the Housing Office when you hear back about your Admissions decision.To apply please complete an online housing application at any time during the year. MORE INFO >.

To be considered for Fuller Housing's Intentional Community you must submit an additional application Apply for Intentional Community>

If you are an international student, you must be cleared by the International Student Office (ISO) and additionally confirm your Visa status with ISO.

If you are a full time staff member you may be eligible for Fuller Staff Housing in Temple City, California. Before submitting an application please contact Cynthia Cruz-Tupas - 626.584.5443 |

Is there a wait list?

Fuller Housing currently has more students than it does available apartment units. As a result, housing works on a “first come, first serve waitlist.” After you apply you will be placed on the wait list for available units in all our apartment complexes based on your 1) earliest date you will start paying rent and 2) the date you submitted your application.

Am I eligible to receive a housing offer? When can I expect to receive an offer?

Although you may submit an application to Fuller Housing prior to being accepted into Fuller Theological Seminary, in order to be eligible to actually receive an offer from Fuller Housing you must meet the following requirements:

1. Be accepted into Fuller and be cleared by the Admissions Office and the Financial Aid Office (although you can submit a housing application prior to be accepted into Fuller Seminary).

2. If you are an international student (you are not a U.S citizen or permanent resident) you must be cleared by ISO and have your visa to receive an offer.

3. You must register for at least 24 units of master’s-level or 16 units of doctoral-level course work within an academic year. You are allowed to stay for 60 days after your last quarter ends. The 24 units a year begins when you sign your lease.

4. You must be starting classes within 2 months from the time your lease begins.

Alternatively, if you are a full time staff member you may be eligible for Fuller Staff Housing in Temple City. Before submitting an application please contact Cynthia Cruz-Tupas - 626.584.5443 |

Fuller Housing operates on a wait list system based on your earliest 1)date you will start paying and 2) the date you submitted your application. Due to the nature of the lease agreements, we do not know when a tenant will move out until they give a 30 day notice. Because of this, we cannot guarantee that housing will be made available to you by your pay by date. Additionally, we cannot guarantee that a specific unit type, or location will be available at that time. Typically we contact prospective tenants with housing offers between 4-6 weeks before your earliest pay by date. If you have not heard from us 6 weeks before your earliest date please contact us.

How much does a unit cost and what is the maximum occupancy?

Fuller Housing owns or leases 283 units in 8 complexes. Rent is based upon the size of the unit and its amenities. The majority of our units are carpeted, and all of them have a refrigerator and stove/oven unit but are otherwise unfurnished. Additionally, many of our newest units in Chang Commons have dishwashers and washer/dryer units.

Eligibility for Families

Maximum Occupancy for Unit Types - All Fuller Communities Families only. Fuller families are defined as spouses, and children under 21 years only. Other family members must obtain permission from the Housing Department.

Unit Type Maximum Occupancy 2016 Rent*
1 Bedroom 2 Adults
+ 1 Child(under 18)
+ 1 Baby(under 1)
$990 to $1280
2 Bedroom 4 Adults
+ 1 Child(under 18)
+ 1 Baby(under 1)
$1310 to $1620
3 Bedroom 6 Adults
+ 1 Child(under 18)
+ 1 Baby(under 1)
$1730 to $1980
4 Bedroom 8 Adults
+ 1 Child(under 18)
+ 1 Baby(under 1)

Eligibility for Roommate Situations

Maximum Occupancy for Unit Types - Roommates only

Unit Type Maximum Occupancy 2015 Rent*
Studio 2 Adults $760-$950
Studio Loft 2 Adults $1025
1-Bedroom 2 Adults $990 to $1280
2-Bedroom 4 Adults, though priority given to families $1310 to $1620
3-Bedroom Priority given to families $1730 to $1980

*does not include parking or utility fees and is valid from 6/25/16

Rent Rate Comparison

How do Fuller Housing rent rates compare to others in the area? Overall, downtown Pasadena is an expensive place to live. Fuller Housing's rates are 10-30% below area rates. In the past 1-2 years, there are 2000+ new luxury residential units being built within one mile of campus, many with rates 50% above Fuller Housing's rates. For additional rent rate comparison information, try the Rent-O-Meter website.

Are the units furnished?

While the majority of our units are carpeted, have a refrigerator and stove/oven unit, and the newer units in Chang Commons have dishwashers and washer/dryer units the units are otherwise unfurnished.

How long is the lease agreement?

The duration of the initial lease is for six months from the effective date of your lease. The Fuller Housing Lease is a Legally Binding Document. If you break the six-month term of the lease agreement, you will be charged rent for the entire six-month period, regardless if you have not moved in or have already moved out of the apartment or even if you no longer attend Fuller Seminary. (Click here for a sample Lease document)

After six months, the lease will be automatically extended month-to-month as long as you pay your rent and remain eligible as defined above. To terminate the lease, you will need to give written notification 30 days in advance by completing a "30-Day Notice Form," available at the House office.

How and when do I pay rent?

Rent is due on the 1st of each month. Renters have a grace period till the 10th of each month. After the 10th a late free of 6% of the base rent (not to exceed $30) will be added. When the 10th falls on the weekend, rent is due the following Monday. You will be charged a service fee for any bounced checks(NSF or bad checks).You can pay your rent by check, cash or credit card (one time payment or automatic enrollment).

Additionally please note that we are a separate auxiliary entity with an accounting system unique to Fuller Housing. Any financial transactions, contracts, or financial aid payments received by Student Financial Services do not fulfill financial obligations to Fuller Housing.

How do I find a roommate?

If you would like to have a roommate ,it is your responsibility to find an eligible Fuller student of the same sex to room with you. We do not find a roommate for you. To aid you in your search, a Roommate List containing the names and information of students desiring roommates is available within your online Housing account.

To utilize the list, you must agree to share your contact information so that it can be included on the list and allow other students to contact you. You can also fill out your personal profile (i.e. study and cleaning habits, etc.) to facilitate the search.

If you and another student agree to become roommates, both of you must contact the Housing Office in order to inform us of the match. The process of receiving offers will then begin.

Additionally, please review our Roommate Guide-Lights Click here for Guide-Light: Roommate pamphlet (PDF)

Do I get parking?

You will receive your assigned parking space number, permit, and gate opener upon move-in. ONLY ONE SPOT PER APARTMENT is guaranteed. Park only in your assigned garage or parking space. When parking on the street or visitor area, observe the parking signs. Do not park in anyone else's space, garage, or in front of a garage as your car may be subject to towing at your expense. For additional parking, please contact the Housing Office.

Can I install water filter?

Water filters of any kind are not allowed to be installed. Excess water pressure caused by water filters can cause damage to the plumbing. Resident is financially responsible for any clogged or damaged plumbing caused by resident's negligence, misuse and/or unauthorized modifications and installations.

Can I alter my unit? Is there storage available?

Alterations are not permitted in the individual units and/or the buildings. Residents may not remove any fixtures, appliances, equipment or furniture from units or public areas. Painting of rooms and/or public areas is not permitted, except by authorized Seminary personnel. Due to space limitations, no storage facilities are available in Fuller Housing.

If you need a unit modified to accomade a disability please contact access services to discuss options that may be available for you. 626.584.5439.

Can I have a pet in Fuller Housing?

Pets are not allowed.

Who do I contact if I have a disability and need special housing?

Fuller Seminary’s Access Services engages students with physical, learning, emotional, and temporary disabilities to determine collaboratively whether and what kinds of reasonable accommodations might be necessary to provide access to academic courses and programs at Fuller. Please contact Fuller Seminary’s Access Services for more information.

Phone: 626.584.5439

In Person: The Access Services Office is located on the first floor of Kreyssler Hall (Catalyst) on Fuller's Pasadena campus


Can my child live with me? What school will they go to?

Children under the age of 21 are permitted to live with parents in Fuller Housing. If your child turns 21, they will need to find other living arrangements.

If you have children that are school age eligible (preschool and older) please visit to learn more information about schools in the Pasadena area.

Are there other housing options besides Fuller Housing?

Fuller has two other options for housing available for you to take advantage of.

The first option is a community listing including advertised affordable rental units available to students, alumni, and community members. The list is printed new each Friday. If you are interested in obtaining a list please come to our office during office hours to receive a list; the cost for a list is $2. Additionally, If you are interested in submitting a listing, please come to our office by noon on Thursday to enter a unit into the next week’s listing. The price for advertising in the Community Listing is $5 each week, paid in cash.

The second option for housing is for you to contact the Fuller Guest center to arrange your stay. The Guest Center functions as a hotel and is fully furnished. There are potential discounted rates for longer term stays. Please contact the Center at (626)584-5445 or directly for more information. Please note that we do not make community listing or Guest Center arrangements for you.

Can I sublease my apartment?

Fuller residents are allowed to sublet their apartments while away for a maximum of 3 months and/or to sublease a Fuller student housing unit up to 3 times over the course of their program under the following conditions:

•You can only sublease your room or apartment when you are away from your unit. If you share your unit with a roommate, the roommate must agree to living with the person that will be subleasing from you.

•A copy of this Sublease Agreement must be submitted to and approved by the Director of Housing Services and Residential Community.

• Fuller Housing will not be held liable for any damages to the apartment or personal property of either the resident of the sub-lessee. Additionally, any housing/maintenance requests must be requested by the leaseholder, not by the sub-lessee.

• It is suggested by the Housing Office that the Resident take a deposit from the sub-lessee.

• Sub-lessee must pay rent directly to the Resident and the Resident is responsible for paying rent to the Housing Office. Sub-lessee should not pay rent directly to the Housing Office. The resident will be held responsible for any unpaid rent on the apartment.

• Sub-lessee must be a current Fuller student. We suggest that you speak to references in regard to the character and background of the sublessee as we will not assume any responsibility or liability for the sublease contract or any financial loss resulting from the contract.

Please download the Sublease Agreement (PDF) here.

Can I take my friend(s) unit after they leave?

Because Fuller operate on a wait list system, we do not allow tenants to “switch” units or to “hold” units. If you would like to live in Fuller Housing, or transfer to a different unit, you will be placed on the waitlist.

How do I transfer to another unit or change my lease?

As a current resident if you would like to transfer within Fuller housing, login to your current account and fill out a transfer application. Do not fill out a new resident application. Click here to login

If a resident transfers units within Fuller Housing the first request is free. Each following transfer carries a $100.00 administrative charge. In addition to the following logistics:

  • Rent will be pro-rated on the date of move-out from the old unit to the date of move-in at the new location.

  • Proper charges and credits will be applied to their housing account.

  • Renter will be charged for unreturned keys.

  • All new charges should be paid upon signing of the new lease.

Any changes made to the lease once it has been created (lease start date, unit, etc.) will be subject to a $100 administrative fee and/or loss of your $600 deposit.

(626) 584-5200
(800) 235-2222
135 N. Oakland Ave.
Pasadena, CA 91182