General Information


Fuller currently has more students than it does apartment units. Housing works on a "first come, first serve" type of waitlist system that is determined by two factors:

1) Earliest date you will start paying rent ('Able-To-Pay' date)
2) The date you submit your housing application

For example, if you are beginning a program in the Fall, your chances of securing Fuller Housing are improved if you indicate a May or June 'able-to-pay' date; an August or September 'able-to-pay' date significantly reduces your chances of securing Fuller Housing. However, keep in mind that this 'able-to-pay' date is that you will start paying rent starting that date. You will be responsible to pay rent whether you have moved into Housing or not.


1. You must be accepted as a student at Fuller and be cleared by the Admissions Office.
2. You must register for at least 24 units of masters-level or 16 units of doctoral-level course work within an academic year. You are allowed to stay for 60 days after your last quarter ends.
3. If you are an international student-that is, if you are not a citizen or permanent resident of the United States-you must also be cleared by the International Services Office (ISO).

Please note that along with the student, only immediate family (spouse and children) of the student are eligible to live in Fuller Housing.


The duration of the initial lease is for six months from the effective date of your lease. The Fuller Housing Lease is a Legally Binding Document. If you break the six-month term of the lease agreement, you will be charged rent for the entire six-month period, regardless if you have not moved in or have already moved out of the apartment or even if you no longer attend Fuller Seminary. (Click here for a sample Lease document)

After six months, the lease will be automatically extended month-to-month as long as you pay your rent and remain eligible as defined above. To terminate the lease, you will need to give written notification 30 days in advance by completing a "30-Day Notice Form," available at the House office.


You will receive your assigned parking space number, permit, and gate opener upon move-in. ONLY ONE SPOT PER APARTMENT is guaranteed. Park only in your assigned garage or parking space. When parking on the street or visitor area, observe the parking signs. Do not park in anyone else's space, garage, or in front of a garage as your car may be subject to towing at your expense. For additional parking, please contact the Housing Office.


On the 1st of each month rent is due. Renters have a grace period till the 10th of each month. Late fee will be added after the 10th. The late fee is 6% of the base rent, not exceed $30.00. If 10th falls on the weekend, rent is due the following Monday. You will be charged a service fee for any bounced checks(NSF or bad checks).


Alterations are not permitted in the individual units and/or the buildings. Residents may not remove any fixtures, appliances, equipment or furniture from units or public areas. Painting of rooms and/or public areas is not permitted, except by authorized Seminary personnel. Due to space limitations, no storage facilities are available in Fuller Housing.


Pets are not allowed

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