School of Theology

Mark Lau Branson
Homer L. Goddard Associate Professor of the Ministry of the Laity

James T. Butler
Associate Professor of Old Testament

Chapman R. Clark
Associate Provost for Strategic Projects and Professor of Youth, Family, and Culture

Scott Cormode
Hugh De Pree Professor of Leadership Development

John Andrew Dearman
Director and Associate Dean for Fuller Texas and Professor of Old Testament

William A. Dyrness
Professor of Theology and Culture and Dean Emeritus; ordained minister in the PC(USA)

Nate P. Feldmeth
Assistant Professor of Church History and Director of Faculty Development, Regional Campuses

Christopher B. Hays
D. Wilson Moore Assistant Professor of Ancient Near Eastern Studies

Jin Ki Hwang
Assistant Dean for the Korean Doctor of Ministry Program and Assistant Professor of New Testament  

Seyoon Kim
Professor of New Testament
and Associate Dean Emeritus for the Korean Doctor of Ministry Program 

Yea Sun E. Kim
Professor of Family Counseling and Korean Family Studies

Mark Adkins Labberton
President of Fuller Seminary and Lloyd John Ogilvie Professor of Preaching

Hak Joon Lee
Professor of Theology and Ethics

Kyong-Jin Lee
Assistant Professor of Old Testament Studies

Richard J. Mouw
Distinguished Professor of Faith and Public Life

Douglas Nason
Assistant Professor of Communication

John L. Thompson
Professor of Historical Theology and Gaylen and Susan Byker Professor of Reformed Theology; ordained minister in the PC(USA)

Marianne Meye Thompson
George Eldon Ladd Professor of New Testament; ordained minister in the PC(USA)


School of Psychology

Jeffrey P. Bjorck
Professor of Psychology, Department of Clinical Psychology

Cynthia Eriksson
Associate Professor of Psychology, Department of Clinical Psychology

James L. Furrow
Evelyn and Frank Freed Professor of Marital and Family Therapy, Department of Marriage and Family

Terry D. Hargrave
Professor of Marital and Family Therapy

Archibald D. Hart
Dean Emeritus and Senior Professor of Psychology

Seong-Hyeon Kim
Assistant Professor of Psychology

Pamela Ebstyne King
Associate Professor of Marital and Family Studies


School of Intercultural Studies

Ryan Bolger
Associate Professor of Church in Contemporary Culture

Bryant Myers
Professor of Transformational Development

Timothy K. Park
Associate Professor of Asian Mission and Director of Korean Studies

 Scott W. Sunquist
Dean, School of Intercultural Studies, and Professor of World Christianity 

J. Dudley Woodberry
Dean Emeritus and Professor of Islamic Studies 

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