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While participating in rigorous academic study, it is important to continue growing in your relationship with God and community. A central aspect of your spiritual growth is being a part of a local church community.

If you are looking for a church in the Pasadena area, please contact us at 626-584-5322 or email

Find a Spiritual Director

In the midst of a busy academic life, it may be challenging to stay connected to God. However, meeting with a spiritual director can help you continue to cultivate your relationship with God during your time in seminary.

Spiritual direction summons you to a closer relationship with God in Jesus Christ, and helps you to see God's presence and grace more fully in your life. A spiritual director is one who journeys with another -- meeting with a spiritual director is not as much about being directed as it is about being invited to a greater closeness to God.

One may see a spiritual director in order to:

  • Identify your daily experiences of God
  • Integrate your academic and spiritual life
  • Discern one's vocation and/or ministry/career direction
  • Share the joys and challenges of your life
  • Grow in relationship with God, self, and others

Complete the Spiritual Director Matching Form or contact Chapel & Spiritual Formation at 626-584-5322 or

Small Groups

The Chapel & Spiritual Formation Office, along with Student Life & Services, offers small group opportunities for the spiritual and personal growth of students. The following small groups are available to students:

Cultural Spiritual Formation (CSF) Groups

CSF groups exist to help students explore their own cultural identity and develop a greater understanding of other cultures through sharing personal stories, participating in theological and spiritual reflection, and applying this to current issues of culture and diversity. The desired outcome of CSF Groups is that students will be spiritually transformed through developing a greater sense of self awareness and sensitivity to cultural differences, and that this transformation will be seen in students' future work, ministry, family, and personal lives. CSF groups begin winter quarter and require a two-quarter commitment.

For more information about other spiritual formation groups, call 626-584-5322 or email

MarriageStrong Logo(1)

MarriageStrong is a small group psycho-educational opportunity to enhance your marriage. Whether you've been together as a couple for one, two, or twenty years, you will gain vital tools and insight in conflict resolution, boundaries, personality differences, and spiritual gifts.

Groups meet one evening per week for 9 weeks starting week two of the Fall, Winter and Spring quarters. Groups are filled on a first come, first serve basis and are limited to 4 couples per group. Total cost is $40 per couple. Click here or contact Sharon Hargrave for more information and availability.

CONNECT: Fuller Student Wives

Wondering where to find encouragement, new friends, and a place to grow your relationship with God? All student wives are invited to CONNECT, the Bible study, prayer and fellowship group just for you! A warm welcome awaits.

Click here or contact Karin Flora or Janna McConnell for more information.

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