Student Groups

Able Theology

Able Theology exists to promote access to disability theology, studies, and awareness especially concerning the physical, theological, and communal accessibility at Fuller. We also hope to develop community among people with and without disabilities.


African Student Fellowship (ASF)

ASF seeks to promote relationship among Fuller African Students, locally, across the continent of Africa, and beyond. We hope to experience the diverse aspects of African cultural heritage as well as assist the integration of new African students to the Fuller community.


Black Seminarians Council

The Black Seminarians Council seeks to foster a vibrant Christ-centered community for students of Black/African descent at Fuller. We welcome the participation of all students who are interested in learning about and sharing in the ethnic and cultural expressions of students of Black/African descent. We are dedicated to fellowship, spiritual formation, advocacy, academic excellence, vocational support, and community service.


Cantonese Fellowship

Cantonese Fellowship is a group to help Cantonese-speaking international students to adapt to American life, to provide spiritual support among members of this group and promote spiritual growth.


Centro Latino

The purpose of our group is to build a relationship through Christian fellowship, getting to know each other and also encouraging and helping each other to succeed in our dreams and goals. We celebrate with a regular time of chapel, praising and worshiping our Mighty God. Join us to hear our teachers or guest speakers as they share God's message.


Children at Risk Team (C@R)

We are a collaborative initiative of the Fuller community that exists to raise awareness, create opportunities, and support the objectives of the Children at Risk emphasis to further God's purposes for Children at Risk locally and globally.



Contexts is a group of students dedicated to recognizing outstanding attainments in the study of the Hebrew language and literature, to stimulate study and research in this field, and to promote an understanding and appreciation of the culture of Israel.


Fuller Arts Collective

The Fuller Arts Collective seeks to build community among artists and artistically-minded students on campus, extending these relationships to the local community through opportunities to discuss, display, and create art of many genres and themes.


Fuller Chinese Student Fellowship

The Fuller Chinese Fellowship exists to provide spiritual support to Fuller Chinese-speaking students in order to help them grow in Christ, adapt to life in America, and to equip Chinese-speaking students, especially in the area of missions.


Fuller Church Planters

The Fuller Church Planter student group exists to: encourage, equip and empower students interested in church planting; create a space for students to pray, discuss and discern a possible call to church planting; and provide networking opportunities for possible church planting partnerships or internships.


Fuller Faith & Science

Through collaboration between students, staff, faculty, and guest lecturers, Fuller Faith & Science hopes to engage in respectful dialog on faith and science, as well as reach out to the community at Fuller's Pasadena campus and other Fuller campuses, neighboring churches, and the general public to educate them on issues about how faith and science can be mutually supportive.


Fuller Filmmakers

Fuller Filmmakers is designed to support filmmakers at or connected with Fuller and provide a space for them to engage in the ongoing discussion on how to practically incorporate faith within the medium of film.


Fuller Intercultural Network

Fellowship, research, and network through missions forums, prayer meetings, and small-group Bible study.


Fuller Performing Arts Company

The purpose of The Fuller Performing Arts Company is to promote and encourage the performing arts on the Fuller campus and the local community. This is done through on campus performances and promoting local shows in the community.


Fuller Sustainability Group

The Fuller Sustainability Group exists to encourage conversation, create opportunities for action, and spearhead institutional change around issues of environmental and societal sustainability as we are disciples of Jesus, live as a community of believers and global citizens, and actively participate in the world God created by loving God and loving our neighbors (both our sisters and brothers next door and across the globe) as ourselves.


Korean Student Association

The goal of KSA is to promote and encourage students' relationships, enrich activities for the Korean community, and provide a network between students and graduates.


Mujeres de Las Americas

Mujeres de Las Americas seeks to create an interdenominational Christian women's space at Fuller Theological Seminary which is a platform to: mentor and develop leaders, strengthen our identity and calling as Christian women, nourish our spiritual life through lectures and theological issues relevant to women, and integrally help our community. The context of the group is Latina, however it is open to women of any nationality, race, culture and ethnicity.


One Table

OneTable exists as a safe space for all who desire to be a part of the conversation surrounding faith, sexual orientation, and gender identity. We not only welcome all voices, but are convinced that all are needed. OneTable serves to help students think about faith and sexuality from a broader perspective, one that includes each of us, not only the LGBT community. We believe that intentionally living in the tension of disagreement is the way of the gospel of Christ. Jesus teaches us what relational ministry looks like, and we hope that OneTable is helping the Fuller community to be more relational in how they think about their ”other”, in this case the LGBT community. We do this by giving participants the opportunity to share a meal with people who are different from them while providing a safe space for people to listen, learn, and ask questions. OneTable holds monthly table fellowship meals and sponsors campus events including film screenings, speakers, and panels. While we exist primarily for Fuller students and faculty, we welcome any involvement from the wider Fuller community. As a non-political organization, we DO NOT exist to change policy within Fuller, our state, or on federal level.


Onyx Group of Fuller (OG)

The Onyx Group of Fuller seeks to invest in the collective empowerment, personal development, and spiritual growth of the men of the Black/African Diaspora community at Fuller Theological Seminary through fellowship, scholarship, social activism, and spiritual formation.



The purposes of Paniym are to worship the Lord in song, to intercede for one another, Fuller Theological Seminary, the USA, and the nations, to strengthen, encourage, and comfort one another in the Lord with His words, and to provide opportunities for Fuller students to receive education and/or training in charismatic practices such as physical healing, inner healing, prophetic prayer, dream interpretation, and intercession.


Peace and Justice Advocates

We gather together to explore Peace and Justice Making and Build Christian Community. Come to our weekly forums where we discuss current issues pertaining to Peace, Justice, and our response as People of Faith.


Racial Justice Initiative

RJI addresses issues of racial injustice, to provide opportunities for dialogue, healing, and community partnerships, to be intentional about community prayer for issues that pertain to reconciliation and racial injustice, to challenge the status quo of systematic racial and economic inequalities in America through forms of protest, media and the arts, and to form partnerships with existing Fuller Seminary and community initiatives with overlapping objectives.


Students Serving Veterans

Fuller veterans have recently become an officially recognized chapter of Student Veterans of America (, making it part of a national coalition of over 985 student veteran organizations in all 50 states. In addition to advocating for veterans on a national level, SVA provides scholarship opportunities, and training for student veteran leadership, to include annual conferences. It is the mission of the SVA chapter at Fuller to support veterans in the Fuller community by increasing awareness and acceptance of veterans on campus. The SVA chapter also helps serve student veterans seeking ministerial jobs after graduation, and informing all students about careers in the military, to include but not limited to chaplaincy and psychology, through Fuller's Schools of Theology and Psychology.


For more information about how Fuller students are serving veterans, click on the links below:
Fuller Theology Student Provides Resource Help to Female Veterans
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Vital Connections

Vital Connections is a recovery community dedicated to remain vitally connected to God and each other. We seek to educate, empower, and equip those who desire a safe fellowship and support system to deal with damaged relationships and whose ministry is impacted by an addictive society.


Student Groups enliven and serve our community. Your leadership offers invaluable opportunities to connect with other students. Student Groups can register as informal groups at any time. Student Groups can achieve formal status at the end of the academic year--formalizing for the following academic year.

The deadline for registering formal groups for 2015-2016 has passed. You can, however, register a new informal group at any time.

Follow this simple registration process:


Read through the Student Group Handbook.


Write your Group's Bylaws.
[See the Handbook for details: "Regulations and Policies for Official Student Groups", Article B: "Student Group By-Laws"]


Complete the Registration Form.

Submit by-laws and any additional forms to the Office of Student Life & Services (second floor of the Catalyst).
Feel free to stop by, email or call with any questions: or 626.584.5433

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