Career counseling is more than just helping you find a job. Career development is a lifelong process which requires discernment, planning, and the acquisition of needed skills and/or credentials. It is important that you start your own life planning process early and continue throughout your time at seminary. Our career counselors can help you to begin this process and offer valuable coaching while you're a student and after graduation.

Alternative Job Boards

In addition to the Fuller Job board, the office of Vocational Discernment has also provided a list of alternative sites that are useful for career planning and job searching for students and alumni. The job boards listed are based on the three schools of Fuller Theological Seminary.

Assessment Tests

The Office of Career Services provides low cost career assessment tests administered by a trained professional. However, there are also several web sites that offer some form of interactive assessment of personal skills, personality, and interests. These may be helpful in discovering who you are and what kind of career you might like to pursue.

Assessment Tests Offered:

The Career Key: Short test also using the RIASEC model. Provides links to more detailed information on suggested occupations.

DISC: The DISC assessment is a behavior assessment tool based on four different personality traits.

MBTI: The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a personality test that measures how people perceive the world and make decisions.

Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential (MAPP): Free Career Analysis test seeks to reveal your motivations for work, learning styles, and work preferences, and matches you with top vocational areas.

The Princeton Review Career Quiz: Short test of 24 questions that seeks to identify both your interests and your preferred working style, and suggests career choices based on the results.

PhD Dossier Circulation

The Vocational Discernment office keeps dossiers on file for PhD students. If needed, confidential copies of recommendation letters may be mailed to employers. These letters are typically mailed and so we ask for two weeks notice should this service be needed. This is a service for PhD students only.

To request this service, please email us at or call 626-584-5358.

Resume Writing

The Office of Vocational Discernment and Career Services offers online resources to help students and alumni build resumes, curriculum vitea, and cover letters. In addition, students and alumni can come in to talk with a counselor about improving their documents.

To access the online resources, Click Here.

Interview Preparation

Ready Prep Interview offers thousands of job interview questions that are position specific. The behavioral job interview questions on Ready Prep Interview are based on the qualities and skills required to do the job. The questions are even sorted by how important the qualities and skills are in that particular position. They have questions for hundreds of positions and are adding new positions regularly.

If you are unable to find your desired job in their database, they still provide a list of job openings on the left-hand side of the page that match your search.

Vocational Discernment

Why did God call you to study at Fuller?
What vocation is God preparing you for?
Where is God calling you to go?
Besides earning a degree, what else do you need to do to follow God's calling?

The Office of Vocational Discernment and Career Services helps students answer these kinds of questions. We serve Fuller students and alums in the areas of discerning vocation, planning career, and searching for employment throughout seminary education and into whatever ministry or career God has called them to.

To make an appointment with a vocational discernment counselor email or call 626-584-5358.

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