Brehm Center Launches New “Digital Magazine” Experience

By Nate Risdon, Associate Director of the Brehm Center

Brehm Experience screenshot

The Brehm Experience—at—is a new project being launched by Fuller Seminary’s Brehm Center for Worship, Theology, and the Arts, in partnership with Long Winter Media. It was born from a desire to showcase amazing and thoughtful work from artists, theologians, creators, church leaders, and others exploring significant questions we all ask. The works displayed are grouped under various themes such as loss, family, consumption, and place-six in all.

Each theme is explored through a variety of lenses. As one participant put it, “It’s like a Brehm Center digital magazine.” The collection of original material allows viewers to walk alongside these folks as they search through various expressions—music, visual art, poetry, and scriptural study, to name a few.

Though most of the creators currently featured on the site have ties in some way to the Brehm Center and Fuller, it is built to reach out like concentric circles. At its core are the Brehm Center and Fuller setting the tone and vision for the conversation. We want, however, to inspire, highlight, and encourage like-minded artists and thinkers out there who desire to explore issues for the sake of the common good.

We hope for the Brehm Experience to also serve as a resource for those looking for inspiration and support in their work, whether that be other artists, theologians, pastors, therapists, or others. Perhaps a pastor draws on something here for her sermon on lament and loss. Perhaps a therapist refers a couple he is counseling to look through the material on family.

We hope for there to be multiple ways for people to enter into these major issues and come out with a deeper and richer understanding of the topics, themselves, and their faith. New themes and material will be introduced quarterly, and we are always open to submissions.

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