Chinese Pastors Visit Mark Labberton

Visiting delegation of Chinese pastors with Mark Labberton and Juan F Martinez and Fred Messick at Fuller Theological Seminary - Pasadena Campus March 2014

Mark Labberton welcomed a nine-member delegation of pastors from China this week. The pastors represented major churches in the cities of Shenyang, Anshan, Huludao, Baishan, Nanping, and Fuzhou. Many of the pastors were graduates of Northeast China Theological Seminary.

“Fuller has a long friendship with China,” Dr. Labberton shared with the group of pastors, “and we are so pleased that you have honored us with your visit to Fuller!”

Dr. Labberton and the Chinese pastors discussed ways in which theological education and seminaries are focusing efforts to serve churches.

During the conversation, Rev. Renfu Sun, senior pastor in Nanping City in Fujian Province, shared that he has pastored a church in his hometown of Nanping for over 30 years. He recounted how his church began soon after the close of the Cultural Revolution, with a congregation of 300 people. Today, his church has grown to more than 10,000 members, with more than 20 church plants throughout the area. The church’s outreach includes many significant social services to the local community, including care for the elderly, children’s ministries, and other activities.

In addition to visiting Dr. Labberton and Fuller Seminary, the delegation was scheduled to visit Saddleback Church, Logos Seminary, Kairos Communication Service International, Overseas Campus Ministries, and other Christian organizations in the Los Angeles area.

Members of the delegation included

  • Rev. Xuezai Quan, delegation leader and senior pastor of Xishan Church in Shengyang, founder of the first church for blind persons in China, and founder of the church's Worship Training Center,
  • Mrs. Meihua Yu, lay leader, responsible for church ministries for seniors and blind persons,
  • Rev. Qiaoyu Feng, senior pastor of a church in Huludao,
  • Rev. Shufeng Liu, senior pastor of Tiexi Xifangtai Church in Shengyang,
  • Preacher Xiushuang Chuo, leader of prayer meetings and Sunday school program,
  • Rev. Chunmei Xie, senior pastor of Grace Church in Shengyang,
  • Rev. Xuan Zhao, senior pastor of Dongyuan Church in the city of Baishan, in Jilin province,
  • Rev. Renfu Sun, senior pastor and president of the Christian Council in Nanping, in Fujian province, and
  • Rev. Xiaogui Zheng, vice president of Fujian Christian Council.
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