Birgit Herppich
PhD in Intercultural Studies (PhD ICS), Pasadena campus

Birgit Herppich - PhD in Intercultural StudiesWhat I found at Fuller was an educational space that invites diversity and encourages conversation and relationships.

I came to Fuller to do an MA and return to work in Africa, I am walking out after almost ten years with a PhD in Intercultural Studies and the distinct possibility that I will be teaching in the US. So did Fuller affect my life? It certainly did, not only in these obvious ways. I made many friends from all around the world and I’m a richer person with wider perspectives through knowing them. I was stretched and challenged, academically and personally, in many ways I could not have anticipated. But I always found listening ears, support, a word of prayer, and help where I needed it.

What remains is a deep gratefulness for an educational space that invites diversity and encourages conversation and relationships, Birgit Herppich - PhD in Intercultural Studies (2)where professors were not only approachable but have become friends, and where fellow students taught me as much as the faculty.

But Fuller was to me more than an educational institution. There were always those who shared my desire to grow closer to God and seek him out in spiritual retreats and prayer times. The quarter when some of us organized a week of 24/7 prayer on campus was probably the most memorable to me. The deep friendships that grew in this group through our weekly meetings and work together will remain for the rest of our lives.

I know many of us will be colleagues and meet again at conferences and other gatherings. More importantly, we share a vision for God’s mission in this world and a passion to be involved with him. I’m looking forward to collaboration with other Fuller grads on various levels in likely and unlikely places in the future.

Photo above: Birgit with other members of “Fuller Fire,” which organized a campus week of prayer.

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