Deb Walkemeyer
Doctor of Ministry (DMin), Pasadena campus

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My church and my community are tangibly different because of my education at Fuller.

My journey through the DMin program at Fuller has been mind-expanding, ministry-transforming, and life-changing. The first course, with Reggie McNeal, challenged me to assess my current ministry context through the lens of the first-century church in Acts. That first “aha” moment was further shaped by many of the wonderful Christian leaders and professors who taught in the DMin program. Their courses addressed current issues of post-modernity and challenged me to rethink current ministry practices in light of that reality. I can confidently say that Light & Life Christian Fellowship in Long Beach, California, where I minister, is a different church because of the education I received at Fuller.

Deb Walkemeyer - Doctor of Ministry (2)The doctoral classes were geared toward instruction within the context of relationships – relationship with fellow colleagues and with the professors who taught each course. Papers for each course became foundational to the actual final project. They were practical assignments that contributed to positive change at my church. Every professor invited interaction and conversation before and after class. This experience is as if I have been mentored by some of the great theologians and Christian thinkers of our day.

Lastly, my journey with Fuller has ended in a final project that is changing a local community that struggles with human trafficking, gang activity, and a lack of healthy food options. I have been able to integrate all that I have learned to collaborate with others on a mission to bring the transforming truths of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection to those living near the church. The community garden in Compton, California, now exists because of my education in the DMin program. Personally, I am a better practitioner because of my time spent at Fuller Theological Seminary.

Photo above: Deb with a cabbage from the Compton community garden she spearheaded.
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