Mark Nsimbi
Master of Divinity (MDiv), Northwest campus

Mark Nsimbi - Master of Divinity - MDiv - Fuller Theological Seminary's Northwest campus in Seattle, WAComing far from my home in Kenya, Fuller added flesh to the bones of my theology and put a fire in me to proclaim God’s presence, love, and power.

Twelve years ago while I was still living in Kenya, I responded to God’s call on my life to be a pastor. God confirmed this calling through many events and through the community around me. I joined a small Bible college to study theology, and after completing a church history class I knew that I wanted to go on to graduate school because I was hungry for more. I felt like my undergraduate classes gave me the bones and I wanted some flesh to sink my teeth into. Little did I know that pursuing an MDiv at Fuller would offer me more than I could chew.

In my six-year journey at Fuller, I can honestly say that every class I attended brought me down on my knees and drew me closer to God; yes, including my Greek and Hebrew classes. Most of all, I am forever grateful to Fuller because, through this institution, Mark Nsimbi - MDiv - Fuller Northwest (2)for the first time my heart was open to hearing and understanding the message of the kingdom of God through one of my classes. Since attending the class “Jesus and the Kingdom of God,” I began to realize in a new way how present God is, and how loving and powerful.

My life and approach to ministry have been transformed because now when I read God’s word, I can hear daily the invitation to participate in the kingdom of God that is being established here on earth as it is in heaven. There is now a fire burning within me to proclaim this message of the kingdom and I’m glad to say that I know God is the source of this fire in me. Now as I graduate I feel more confident and equipped to serve in my calling as a pastor. Thank you to all my Fuller community and professors for walking with me through this life journey of discipleship.

Photo: Mark with his wife, Anne.

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