W. David O. Taylor

Director of Brehm Texas and Assistant Professor of Theology and Culture School of Theology

Contact Information
BA, University of Texas at Austin
MCS, Regent College
ThM, Regent College
ThD, Duke Divinity School

David Taylor joined the Fuller faculty in 2014 and is an assistant professor of theology and culture as well as the Director of Brehm Texas, an initiative to revitalize the church through the arts. Prior to his appointment at Fuller, Taylor served as a pastor for ten years in Austin, Texas. Born and raised in Guatemala City, he has lectured widely on the arts, in both academic and popular settings, from Thailand to South Africa.

Taylor’s most recent book is The Theater of God’s Glory: Calvin, Creation and the Liturgical Arts (Eerdmans: 2017). He is editor of For the Beauty of the Church: Casting a Vision for the Arts (Baker Books: 2010) as well as co-editor of Contemporary Art and the Church: A Conversation Between Two Worlds (IVP Academic: 2017). His book, Worship and the Arts: Singular Powers and the Formation of a Human Life, is due out with Eerdmans in 2018. Taylor has published articles in the Calvin Theological Journal, Christian Scholars Review, Worship, The Washington Post, Books & Culture, Comment, Christianity Today, and The Living Church, among others.

Taylor serves on the advisory board for Duke Initiatives in Theology and the Arts as well as IVP Academic’s series, “Studies in Theology and the Arts,” having recently stepped off as board member of Christians In the Visual Arts (CIVA). He is a member of the American Academy of Religion as well as a participant in the “Visual Commentary on Scripture” project.

He leads an annual retreat for ministers to artists at Laity Lodge in central Texas and is an ordained Anglican minister. In 2016 he produced a short film on the psalms with Bono and Eugene Peterson. In the June 2016 issue of Christianity Today, he and his wife were featured for their work with the church and the arts.

Classes Taught

  • TC581: Worship, Theology, and the Arts Touchstone
  • TC540: Worship and the Arts
  • TC541: The Vocation of Artists
  • TC864: A Theology of Beauty
  • HT503: Systematic Theology (Church/Humanity)
  • HT504: Systematic Theology (Modern Theology in a Global Context/Eschatology
  • TC590: Theology & Science Fiction
  • IS501: The Practices of Worship

Areas of Expertise, Research and Writing

Systematic theology, pneumatology, liturgical theology, theological aesthetics, a theology of beauty, theology and science fiction, liturgical aesthetics, theology of John Calvin



  • The Theater of God’s Glory: Calvin, Creation and the Liturgical Arts (Eerdmans: 2017).


  • Worship and the Arts: Singular Powers and the Formation of a Human Life (forthcoming in 2018).

Edited Books

  • Co-editor with Taylor Worley of multi-author book: Contemporary Art and the Church: A Conversation Between Two Worlds, Studies in Theology and the Arts (IVP Academic: 2017).
  • For the Beauty of the Church: Casting a Vision for the Arts (Baker Books, 2010). Contributors: Joshua Banner, Jeremy Begbie, Andy Crouch, Barbara Nicolosi, Eugene Peterson, David Taylor, Lauren Winner and John Witvliet.

Articles, Papers & Reviews

  • Chapter essay: “Which art? What worship? A response to Katie Kresser.” In Contemporary Art and the Church: A Conversation Between Two Worlds (IVP Academic: 2017)
  • Foreword to Imaging the Story: Exploring the Visual and Poetic Contours of Salvation, by Gill Sakakini and Karen Case-Green (Wipf & Stock: 2017)
  • Review of David W. Stowe, Song of Exile: The Enduring Mystery of Psalm 137, in Christianity Today (October 2016)
  • “Bono, Eugene Peterson and the Vocation of Friendship,” Christ & Pop Culture (May 16, 2016)
  • “Biblical Birth Narratives Are Weird and Incredible: We Can Stop Sanitizing Them,” The Washington Post (December 24, 2015)
  • “Conserving Culture by Caring for the Imagination,” Comment (Winter 2014).
  • “Spirit and Beauty: A Reappraisal,” Christian Scholars Review (Fall 2014).
  • “A Failure of the Imagination,” Christianity Today (November 2014).
  • “On the Power of Beauty,” InTouch Magazine (July 2013).
  • “John Calvin and Musical Instruments: A Critical Investigation,” Calvin Theological Journal (Fall 2013).
  • “John Calvin on Music Old and New,” paper presented at the Calvin Studies Society Colloquium, Princeton Theological Seminary (April 4-6, 2013).
  • Review of Steven Guthrie, Creator Spirit: The Holy Spirit and the Art of Becoming Human (Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2011), and James K. A. Smith, Thinking in Tongues: Pentecostal Contributions to Christian Philosophy (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2010) in Books & Culture (March/April 2013).
  • “Moving Images, Violence and Social Responsibility,” web essay, The Curator (October 26, 2012).
  • “The art of being (mis)placed,” web essay, “This is Our City” project of Christianity Today (September 2012).
  • “Discipling the Eyes through Art in Worship,” Christianity Today (April 2012).
  • “Beauty as Love: Hans Urs von Balthasar’s Theological Aesthetics,” Transpositions (April 2012).
  • “On Beauty and the Holy Spirit: A Re-appraisal,” paper given at the Society for the Study of Theology conference in York, England (March 2012).
  • Review of Lambert Zuidervaart, Art in Public: Politics, Economics, and a Democratic Culture (Cambridge: CUP, 2011) in Comment Magazine (September 2011).
  • “The Art of Friendship,” Comment Magazine (March 2011).
  • “Like a Sloppy Wet Kiss,” Christianity Today online (October 2010).
  • “The Spiritual Formation of Artists,” CIVA SEEN (Fall 2010).
  • “Two Ideas for the Spiritual Formation of Artists,” Connections: The Journal of the WEA Mission Commission (August 2010).
  • “Hooker’s Architectural Via Media,” The Living Church: An Independent Weekly Supporting Catholic Anglicanism (February 7, 2010).
  • “The Little Things: A Meditation on the Art of Encouragement,” Q Words (April 2009).
  • “A Holy Longing,” Christianity Today (October 2008).
  • “Under the Grand Piano,” CIVA SEEN (March 2008).
  • “The Good City,” Books & Culture (March 2008).
  • “Dear Pilgrim, Take Hope,” Regent College 2007 Advent Reader (December 2007).
  • “The Horrors! Or Why The Horror Genre is Redeemable,” Christianity Today Movies (April 5, 2005).
  • “Violence, Profanity, and Nudity: A Dialogue,” Christianity Today Movies (August 3, 2004).
  • “In Defense of Mere Entertainment,” Christianity Today Movies (July 27, 2004).
  • “The Honest-to-God Truth about Movies,” Christianity Today Movies (July 20, 2004).
  • “What is a Christian Movie, Anyway?” Christianity Today Movies (July 13, 2004).
  • “Are Bananas Christian?” Regeneration Quarterly 5:3 (Fall 1999).

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